Events in England Earth
Events in Narnia
Birth of Digory Kirke 1888    
Birth of Polly Plummer 1889    
Digory, Polly, Uncle Andrew, the Cabby, the Cabby’s wife, Jadis, and Strawberry enter Narnia. 1900 0 Narnia is created. The Tree of Protection is planted, and Frank and Helen become the first King and Queen of Narnia.
    180 Col, the youngest son of Frank V, and others, establish the kingdom of Archenland.
Birth of Peter Pevensie 1927 204 Outlaws from Archenland set up the kingdom of Calormen
Birth of Susan Pevensie 1928    
Birth of Edmund Pevensie 1930 300 The Calormenes colonize Telmar
Birth of Lucy Pevensie 1932    
Births of Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole 1933 302 Telmarines behave wickedly and are made dumb. Narnia’s King Gale becomes Emperor of the Lone Islands after saving those lands from a dragon.
    407 The Giant Pire is killed by Olvin of Archenland
    460 Pirates from our world enter and inhabit Telmar
    570 Moonwood the Hare lived at about this time.
    years unknown Queen Swanwhite reigns in Narnia.
    898 Jadis reenters Narnia
    900 The start of the Long Winter
The Pevensies stay with Digory Kirke during the air-raids. 1940 1000 The Pevensies enter Narnia. Aslan is sacrificed. The Long Winter ends and the Pevensies are crowned Kings and Queens of Narnia. The Golden Age of Narnia begins.
    1014 Peter successfully raids the Northern Giants. Edmund and Susan visit Calormen. King Lune of Archenland’s lost son and heir is found and restored to his place. An assault against Archenland by Prince Rabadash of Calormen is thwarted.
    1015 The Pevensies hunt the White Stag and leave Narnia.
    1050 Ram the Great becomes King of Archenland
    1998 Caspian I becomes King of Narnia when the Telmarines invade and conquer it.
    2290 Prince Caspian (Caspian X) is born. Caspian IX is murdered by his brother Miraz, who takes the throne.
The Pevensies are summoned to Narnia by the call of Susan’s horn. 1941 2303 Prince Caspian and the Pevensies defeat Miraz with the help of Aslan. Caspian X becomes King of Narnia.
    2304 The Northern Giants are defeated by Caspian X.
Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace enter Narnia through a picture. 1942 2306-7 Caspian X journeys to the end of the World.
    2310 Caspian X and Ramandu’s daughter marry.
    2325 Birth of Prince Rilian
    2345 Caspian X’s Queen is killed by a serpent and Prince Rilian vanishes.
Eustace and Jill enter Narnia through a door at their school. 1942 2356 Eustace and Jill rescue Rilian. Caspian X dies.
    2534 Towers are built to guard Lantern waste, where there has been an increase in outlaw activity.
There is a train accident on British Railways. 1949 2555 There is Rebellion in Narnia. Eustace and Jill enter Narnia and rescue King Tirian. The last battle takes place. Narnia ends.