Scrambled Narnia

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe According to Book Report and Review Bloopers

“The Loin, the Witch and the Wardrobe” is the second and the best book in the series by C. S. Luis. This book is about four kids named Lucy, Edmund, Suzan, and Peter. They are pretty wealthy kids and live in a pretty nice house. Peter is a warrior. Susan is mature. Edmund is an oddball that goes through random personalities changes. Lucy is a person with many freckles and a nice personality. Peter, Lucy, Edmund, and Elizabeth live in the time of World War 2, and are sent to live in a remote country cottage with their uncle/grandfather/other eccentric relative/scientist/caretaker because of the war and air raids from Germany. One day while playing hide and go seed in the house, Lucy hides in a wardrobe-like portal (which you could only use if it was raining) and finds that her feet are getting cold. Then she sees grass, snow, trees, and a light so she is freaked out. She is in another world: Nanria. Then she sees a light post and meets a fawn, which is a mixture of two animals. His name iss Thomas, a half-man, half-horse. The foal takes her back to his place to have tea and to kidnap her. But he changes his mind.

When Lusy comes out of the wardrobe, she finds that it has only been a few seconds. She tells her bothers and sisters and they don’t believe her, so she breaks down in tears and sobs all night. She needs to save that world with her bothers and sisters! But it is not that easy. Do you think your bothers would believe you?

Later, Lucy once again sneaks into the land of Narnia to visit the fawn, but this time, Edward follows close behind. To his surprise, her stories are true.

Then Edmund meats Jardis, the evil White Which. The Whitch feeds Edmund Turkish Delight, which gives Edmund a desire for chocolate. She bribes him to come with her back to her palace. She asks him if he has any other brothers or sisters and he says yes. So then she sends him back to get them. When he comes back without them, she gets very angered.

Back in our world, Edmond lies about what he saw, but this all ends when the family of four all try and hide from the Housekeeper on a not so particular day. The four kids wonder into the wardrobe. Susan, ecstatic of their findings, takes them through the land. Lucy made some friends and so did her symbolings. Noticing that the fawn disappeared, the terror begins to unfold.

Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are in for an exciting and exhilarating journey when they encounter Mr. Beaver, a small kind animal (a beaver), that lives in the woods of Narnia. Mr. Beaver tells them that Mr. Tumbnas has been taken by Jardis and probably turned into stone. Mr. Beaver tells the children about what they are destined to do and that they are the Suns of Adam and the Daughters of Eve . They learn that in Nanria there is an evil Which. Also a Lion who saves the day sometimes.

The four children don’t realize that they are the ones who can stop the White Witch and save Narnia from the Winter Wonderland that the witch has cast upon it. Mr. Beaver says that the White Witch is trying to control the city of Narnia. She made the place named Narnia and she made it snow for all of time. And if she saw someone that was happy she would turn them into stone. Also there were jail guards for the witch. She would throw people for no apparent reason into the jail and then they would guard them. For example the white witch threw the half-man, half-horse in the jail, and she threw one of the siblings in, too. Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy must fulfill the prophecy, if not, they shall be doomed for eternity.

The Beavers tell them that they must go see Aslan, a lion who has the power to bring stoned people back to life. Azland, the great lion, has been turned to stone by the Witch. Later the kids are able to weaken the witch and Aslan becomes a lion again.

About this time, still wanting Turkish Delight, Edward sneaks off to find the Witch, but the Witch does not tread him as she promised, and then Edmund realizes that he was wrong. Meanwhile, the other three meet Santa. He gives them presents, which is a good thing, because later on a wolf attacks Sausuen and Lucy. Susan uses her gift, a horn, to call for help, and her brother runs to her aid. The oldest boy kilt the wolf. At the end the witch kilt the youngest boy. The children work with the lion king to try and restore some order to Narima.

Well, now let’s talk about what Narnia looks like. Narnia is a very wintry place. It has a lot of snow and it’s very cold. It’s also very icy. That’s because there is a big river between Narnia and Aslam. Aslam is where the lion lives. That place is a very springy place. It’s grassy and very warm. And it’s very beautiful there, just like Narnia.

Asland goes to get Edmond but the only way he can is to sacrifice his life.

Alsan talks to Edmun and settles for him to never betray them again.

The two girls see the king of Aslan get tortured to death and stay with his dead body `til morning where they see it is gone. Also they find the Stone Table broken in half. Then they see him and know he has risen from the dead. They all then fly to the Witch’s castle.

Finally, the four friends kill the White Which by sticking a sword through her. They become the rulers of Narnia and live in the castle of Cair Parivel.

After many years, the four adventures leave Narnia, after saying that they will come back someday.

“The Witch, the Lion, and the Wardrobe” are so fun to read because of Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and William. Plus, you’ve got talking beavers, flying lions, and an ice witch with a wand that turns things into stone and enchanted Turkish Delights.

CS Lewis is the most famous book writer in the world and by reading the book I really do think so.


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