Golden Age Box

So, you want to create a copy of the popular Narnia’s Golden Age Box. It’s actually an extremely simple, if time-consuming, project.

1. Buy a plain, unfinished box from your local craft store. Make sure that there is no glue on the surface of the box, as it will interfere with the stain you will apply.

2. Sketch or transfer the design onto the box. Use the patterns below or create your own. Your design should have each area of color outlined separately, like in a coloring book.

3. Use a woodburning tool to burn all the outlines. If you’ve never woodburned before, you may want to practice first on a scrap piece of wood.

4. Select a few different colors of wood stain. If you need to use a color not typically available as a stain (like the green in my design), buy a little wood craft paint in the color you want. Don’t use too many colors, or you will ruin the effect.

5. Stain each area in its own color. Dilute any wood paint and use it as a stain, not a solid paint. You should always be able to see the wood through the applied color.

6. Varnish the box.

7. Put some kind of soft bottom inside of your box, like adhesive felt or a bit of velvet, so you will have somewhere nice to put all your personal treasures.

8. Show off your creation, and send us a picture to display in the gallery.

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