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Claymation “The Horse and His Boy” Premiered On Friday

shasta_and_aravis.jpgThis Friday at 3:27 Pacific Time, Swanwhite of The Lion’s Call will release the first of three videos from the clay animation “The Horse and His Boy” project she started years ago. Come join us for the premiere in the chatroom. We’ll be gather in advance and the screening will begin promptly at 3:27. Bring brownies!


Lion Award Nominations Open

It’s time to nominate fanfics, essays, and poems for the 2013 Lion Awards.

This is our seventh year doing the Lion Wards, so we’ve decided to do a special “Jubilee” event. All items, even if they were nominated in a previous year, are eligible to be nominated for this year’s awards. The only caveat is that a piece may not win an award it has won previously (Sorry, but we like to spread the joy!)

Head on over to the Fan Creations section, find your favorite story, essay, or poem, and nominate it for an award! Deadline is February 15th.

Born For This

When their siblings are torn away, Edmund and Susan must find a way to defend their country at all costs against the greedy Telmarines. Succeed or fail, they must trust that Aslan has a reason for it all. Because long before their hearts could run the ris