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Sea King Demands Apology

Nautilus, King of the Golden Sands nation, High Lord of the Ebony Marinas, and Commander of the Seahorse Division to the Land-Dwelling Trespassers into the Sweet Waters, Good riddance.

It has come to the attention of our most noble Majesty of the heinous, yea, criminal act committed within our pure waters. By the craft of your hands have you desecrated the sunlit sands of our realm with darkness, by the wicked wiles of select hearts did you desire to watch with envy the people of the waters of light, and by the utter hostility of your kind toward our warm but wary welcome did you defile the clearest and purest of the earth’s abodes by thrusting into our presence a hideous creature armed with sword and a most terrible temper.

Our most noble majesty hereby forbids you to darken our realm with your terrible shadow and your bitter gaze. Know that the day you cast aside this command will be the day of the vengeance of the peoples of the Sweet Waters. We wish you a smooth deprtureand may a Sea Serpent overtake you.

Dear Crabby’s Top Ten Reads

  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Coral Reef
  • Prince Caspian Sea
  • Moby Dick
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Plankton
  • Sinbad the Sailor: a Recipe Book
  • The Seahorse and His Boy
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Clytie
  • How to Train Your Hippocamp
  • The Rainbow Fish

Petunia the Sea Serpent Tells Her Side of the Story

Petunia the Sea Serpent Tells Her Side of the Story

So there I was, minding my own business, when this big green thing appears overhead, blocking out the sun.  Thought at first that it might be a whale.  George the humpback likes to surface there on occasion.  Good neighbor, though he does attract a lot of barnacles.

Anyway, it wasn’t George, and it wasn’t moving like any proper sea creature should.  I figured the world was coming to an end, sun going dark and all that, but figured I’d take a gander since I didn’t have anything else to do and the cable was out.  So I swam up to the surface and found a rather stiff and ugly dragon with a group of two-legged things on its back. I took them for Sea People and figured they’d best get back into the water right away, so I tried to pull the dragon underwater, but the two-legged things gave me the heave-ho for my trouble.  I hope they were just passing through.  I certainly didn’t get an invitation to their reef-warming party.  And who wants neighbors like that anyway?

Become a Scholar in Residence at the Kilns

ImageProxyInterested in studying and living at C.S. Lewis’s home? If you’re planning to conduct research or take a study leave or sabbatical in the Oxford area, the Study Centre at The Kilns offers a unique opportunity to live, study, and fellowship within an intentional Christian scholarly community.

During the academic year, The Kilns offers both short and long term residence opportunities to qualified visiting faculty, clergy, independent scholars, artists, and advanced graduate students for varying lengths of stay, ranging from one week to ten months.

Find out more information about the Scholars In Residence Program.