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Summer Challenge 2016!

Summer Challenge 2016!

Ready or not! Here it comes!

Summer Challenge 2016 starts tomorrow! Over the next two weeks, we will be reading Prince Caspian, just two chapters a day, and posting our reflections on the chapters in the forum. Reflections are whatever reaction you have to what you’ve read — it can be a poem, a short story, a devotional, pictures (bonus points awarded for anyone who sends Elanor comics as part of their reflections!)

You can take a peek at the reading schedule here, and be sure to join in tomorrow as we get started!

Let’s Get Blogging! – Writing Contest #86

If Narnians had blogs, what would they write about? Would they be themed? Would they have snappy titles? Assign any Narnia character a blog name and content category!

Example: Mr and Mrs Beaver – “The Busy Beavers” – DIY carpentry projects, homemaking on a budget, home repair tutorials, and recipes


Don’t forget to check out the winners of the last .


Honorable Mentions:

Tom Duffy’s “Finchley Frolics” by Lucy Pevensie: The exciting doings in Finchley of four wonderful brothers and sisters.

AGB’s “The Witch Diaries” by Jadis: Daily entries chronicling her rapid rise to power and the struggles she experienced such as the melting of her winter powers and four certain troublesome human children. The entries are left strangely unfinished after she writes of her plans to win the Battle of Beruna.

Tom Duffy’s “The Latest Joke” by the Jackdaw: A blog by The Jackdaw from the Magician’s Nephew, who reports on every humorous occurrence during the early days of Narnia.

AGB’s “Oranges and Bananas” by Shift: Weekly commentary on the excessive problems in Narnia, including the surplus population of trees, decrease in Calormen associations, and, of course, the disgusting deficiency in oranges and bananas.

Tom Duffy’s “The Bluebottle Blog” by Eustace Clarence Scrubb: Daily musing and reports on the various bugs and insects of the Cambridgeshire area.

AGB’s “Keep Your Chin Up” by Puddleglum: Everything wrong with the world and how to put a bold face on it.


And the winner is…

Rose and Psyche’s “Thunderfist” by Corin – DIY Pranks and Jokes: Tutorials on How to Knock Down Boring People, and Creating Strange Noises During Important Council Meetings. Also, all important tips on How to Escape Punishment Afterwards.