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The Quiet Ones

The Rubies That Led Us Here

Peter has a secret he vowed would never endanger his siblings. When Lucy is kidnapped on her birthday because of it, Susan, Peter, and Edmund must overcome all odds, assassination attempts, and a man named Tith to save their sister and help the country re

Friends No Matter What

When her parents and brother, the only family she has in the world, die, Leah finds friendship in the unlikeliest of places. And maybe love, too…

A Calormene Secret

Corianda has a secret. A secret she doesn’t want anyone in her new life to know. But will a certain king be able to get it out of her, or will she bear it alone, the secret of all of Calormen.

A Tale of a Prince

The four Pevensies and their friends, Hannah, Faith, and Rose, are back in Narnia, but will they save it from the Telmarines? And who are the two boys that attack them almost the moment they set foot in Narnia again? A sequel to A Tale of a Lion, a Witch,