Late Night Reading – Writing Contest #14

We saw the books “Is Man a Myth?” and “Nymphs and Their Ways” on the shelves in Mr. Tumnus’ home. Choose another character and name up to three books from their library. Humor is a plus.


From the Library of the White Witch:

Apples and the Women Who Hate Them: A Compendium of Common Allergies
15 Easy Remedies for the Common Cold
Dwarf Management for Dummies

Honorable Mentions

From the Library of the Tisroc (May He Live Foreve by Poor Puzzle
1. Tash the Inexorable, the Irresistable: A History of the Calormene Religion

*2. The In-Palace Security System Owner’s Manual-How to Make Sure There Isn’t Anybody Hiding in Your Secret Meeting Rooms

3. Battle Strategies for Uncovering Narnia’s Weaknesses

*This book was found covered in dust and cobwebs. That would explain how Aravis and Lasaraleen got in!

Libraries by Queen Susan
From the Library at Cair Paravel;
A study in Geography; The Country of Spare Oom.
100 years of winter; the Pevensie Cure.
The mysteries of the white Stag

Books by Queen Susan
In the castle libarary during the reign of Mirz;

Pesky Nephews and how to deal with them

Persuasion for nobles; how to convince your king to fight in a battle he’ll definitly loose.

Stupid things to do if you’re ruler of Narnia; Employing a trecherous dwarf and other things

and the winner

3 Books from the Library of the Lady of the Green by Nancy of Narnia
The Art of Reptile Metamorphoses

The Essentials of Enchantment: Includes instructions on the proper use of the color green in interior decoration and dress design, mesmerizing musical pieces for stringed instruments, tips on perfecting those troublesome r-r-r-rs, and more!

A Do-It-Yourself guide to taking over the world

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