National Anthem – Writing Contest #22

Write a Narnian national anthem. It may go to an exiting tune, or simply be a poem of your own creation.

Oh say can you hear, O’er the deafening dark One sweet song lifted high As the stars start to twinkle Whose fair voices agleam Meet the young sun’s first beam As one Voice, o’er them all Fuels the birth of a dream. (To the tune of “The Star-Spangle Banner”)

Judge’s Note: Got some great entries this month. I’ve included three extras among the honorable mentions which, while they did not fit the criteria, were still kinda fun. Enjoy.

Honorable Mentions

Creator’s Anthem by ChabeMica Cheval
You created a world,
My world, his world, her world
But mostly a world of your own,
From Lantern Waste to the Dancing Lawn,
You created the water, the rain and the sun,
The joy, the happiness and the fun,
But mostly you created love,
From the Northern Marsh to the Badgers’ Coves.

You made me get into my world,
His world, her world,
But mostly a world of your own,
The one I call my home,
You created a world,
A beautiful, blessed world,
Narnia is its name
And You, the ruler, will never be taimed.

Aslan, Lion, Creator,
You guide the adventurer and the navigator,
From the land of Lone-Islanders,
To the realms of Cair Paravel!
Since the time has begun
And until forever and ever
This a world of your own!
There’s just no effort nowadays by Jeanius
*Embarrassed mumbling* (All to a different Tune) Narnia, Narnia, It’s Beauty beats them all. We will always triumph, No matter what the..
“What! That makes no sense!”
“No one said..*mumble, mumble*”
“And your all singing to different tunes. This is a shambles! Try again”
Narnia, Nar-
“No, No, No, No, No. Thats the third line. It’s starts Aslan will help us… OK. One More time now”
Aslan *mumble mumble* Narnia *mumble mumble*
“I GIVE UP! We can stick to ‘We are the Champions'”
*mumble mumble* sorry *mumble mumble*
“I’m leaving” (slams door)

The National Anthem of Archenland by Jacques
Anthem of Archenland

Oh, Archenland, thou unknownland,
Sister of Narnia&
Whose history is mystery,
Like that of Charn-ia&
O Archenland! O Archenland!
May Aslan be with thee&
To guide your kings and bless your queens, and
From Tashbaan keep you free!

O, home of horses Hwin and Bree,
And of that Hermit frail
Where Rabadashs fate and Ram the Great
Live on in song and tale!
O Archenland! O Archenland!
May Aslan be your king&
He children sends, to your good ends,
And with his mane brings spring!

Oh, birthplace of Kings Lune and Cor&
Oh, Winding Arrow wide
Where Thunderfist and Aravis
And talking beasts reside!
O Archenland! O Archenland!
May Aslan be your friend&
To sing his songs and right your wrongs
Until the world shall end!

The Talking Mice’s Anthem by C.S. Lois
Oh, hey can you sleep?
By the night’s dreary light
What so proudly we fought,
By the daylight’s last gleaming
Who’s big tears and loud sobs
Through the perilous night?
‘Neath our blankets we watched
Were so raucously streaming
Wimbleweather’s big tears
Didn’t quiet our fears
That when daylight came
We would all disappear
Oh say do our tear-spangled
Blankets yet wave
O’er the Land of the Beasts
And the home of the Brave

Aslan Save Narnia by Wathira N.
Aslan save Narnia.
Long live great Narnia,
Jewel by the sea.
Send us victorious,
Happy and glorious,
From evil deliver us
Aslan our King.

Aslan save Narnia
Era after era,
Age after age.
Crowned with your golden mane,
May your eternal reign
Defeat evil again,
Aslan our King.
(To the tune of “God Save the Queen”)

Free to Roam by Forestland
There is a place my heart longs for.
For the place, is dear to me.
That place I oft’ long for,
When I’m traveling on other seas.
It’s calling me, it’s calling me.

It’s a place with snow-capped mountains,
It’s a place with living streams,
It’s a place with grass-green valleys,
It’s a place with enchanting trees.
It’s calling me, it’s calling me.

O, the rivers are traveling down,
And the Mountains reach for the heavens!
The trees call to me now, as the wind,
Blows through their leaves,
I long to rest, under the azure sky.
It’s calling me, it’s calling me.

When I’m old I’ll remember this land,
Where all my dreams come true,
Cause there’s no place like the forestland
Where I can roam free and true.
It’s calling me, it’s calling me.
and the winner

Advance Aus…I mean Narnia Fair by Aussie
Narnians all let us rejoice,
For we have lots of trees;
We’ve Aslan’s aid and no slave trade;
Oh White Witch knock your knees!;
Our land abounds in Aslan’s gifts
Of beauty rich and rare;
On Lewis’s page, let every stage
Advance Narnia Fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Narnia Fair.
Beneath our radiant Apple Tree
We’ll toil with hearts and hands;
To make this country of ours the best of all his lands;
For those who’ve come from other worlds
We’ve adventures to spare;
With courage let us all combine
To Advance Narnia Fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Narnia Fair.



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