Makeovers – Writing Contest #23

You’re a beautician with a chance to makeover one Narnian character. Dye Trufflehunter’s fur, curl Reepicheep’s whiskers, or select a fabulous new scarf for Tumnus. What’s your advice?

Yes, Mister Trumpkin sir. We’re delighted to have you here today. First I’d like to recommed straightening some of that curl out of your hair. Then maybe a new shirt…silk is all the rage in Tashbaan these days. Now, take a look at these boots. Authentic dragon leather from the islands to the east, and they have six-inch thick soles for heightening…Mister Trumpkin? Where are you going?

Judge’s Note: Couldn’t make up my mind, so we have an extra Honorable mention this month. I really enjoyed reading these entries. We even had one explaining how Lucy’s hair turned out brown for the film.

Honorable Mentions

What happens when you try to sell salon products t by The Gentle
Excuse me, your Majesty? May I have a word? Yes, I work for the Beaversdam Beauty Salon, and you’ve been selected to receive a free makeover! (Not that we would charge your Royal Highness at all!) Since you have that big voyage to Calormen coming up, why don’t we choose some southern styles? We could really do your hair to look fabulous for Rabadash, princes just love women with straight hair! What’s that? Oh, that’s fine, your hair doesn’t have to be straight to be beautiful! And there’s this hair care product that I highly recommend, and… what do you mean, you’re not interested? Oh, hello there, your Highness, might I say it’s an honor to meet you, High King? I was just discussing important matters with your Royal sister…no, don’t take her away, I was just going to tell her about the new fashions in Calorm…. I wasn’t harrassing her!!! Wait! Your Majesties! At least buy some hair spray! COME BACK!!!

Pre-battle salon visit by Wathira N.
Prince Caspian: Nikabrik, I really do not see why this is necessary.
Nikabrik: No worries, my prince. This is the best underground boutique in all of Narnia. I have some friends here who can get you fixed up for free. They are the ones I go to for my skin and hair care.
Prince Caspian: That is exactly why I am worried.
Nikabrik: Shh, we’re here. Fil,old buddy old pal.
Fil the beautician: Niki, come here you big bundle o’ fur, you. How come you never come to visit me anymore?
Nikabrik: Oh, you know how it is with evil kings and stuff. Anyway, I brought you a new customer. Meet Prince Caspian.
Fil: Hi there, thweetie! Just sit in that chair over there and I will get right to you. (he turns to a waiting customer) Now, Nibbles, don’t touch anything until the nail polish dries and other than that you are good to go. Oh, and that will be one silver coin. (the squirrel pays and hops off the chair to go home)Now Prince Charles
Prince Caspian: Caspian.
Fil: Whatever. What can I do you for?
Prince Caspian: Uh, I don’t know really.
Fil: Great! I love a challenge! So let me see. Bangs are really hot this season!
Prince Caspian: Actually, I am leading my army into battle tomorrow and would rather not have hair in my eyes.
Fil: Touchy touchy. Well, how about one of those spiky hairdos that are so popular among teenage boys these days?
Prince Caspian: Can’t I just have a simple trim?
Nikabrik: His idea of a simple trim is what I have.
Fil: Quiet, Niki. Don’t listen to him. He never even comes to visit him anymore. I’ve got it! A mohawk should have your enemies cringing in fear!
Prince Caspian: Or laughing uproariously.
Fil: Picky picky. I confess that I have not done humans in a while. Being a Talking Weasel, I think it would be a bit hard to earn their trust.
Prince Caspian: You don’t say.
Fil: OK, how about clothes? Thanks to the forced poverty of us Old Narnians, homespun is the new cotton. I am sure we can find a pair of pants your size.
Prince Caspian: I am quite fine with my old clothes from the castle and my armor.
Fil: But we are offering a discount on walk-ins.
Prince Caspian: Is that the horn of King Miraz I hear? He must have snuck on us. Well, duty calls.
Nikabrik: I don’t hear anything. (but Caspian has already run out the door.)
Fil (shouting after him): You owe me two silver coins for my time!

Bad hair day by titian_warrior
“Ahh, Madam, how delightful to have you! we have some lovely brown curly wigs that are all the rage!” The White Witch scowls. “quiet, earthling! Just give me the usual!” The dwarf mutters under his breath, “one of these days!…” and proceeds to wrap a black sheet around the witch’s neck. Resuming his professional style, he drags a stool to her chair, and climbs atop it. While snipping here and there at the witch’s head, he accidently upsets a blue dye ontop of a shelf..above the queen’s head. Driddlhump could only watch in horror as the bottle seemingly in slow motion drops on the witch’s head. He stood frozen, and the liquid driped down her nose, and all over her face. Glass shatters were everywhere. “I..uh..Your Majesty..uh…” and at a last attempt, he said, “How charming! how beautiful! how-“..but he couldn’t say anymore, for the witch had rison from the chair, and slowly faced the trembling dwarf. the she exploded. “HOW DARE YOU!!” Her fingers became like claws as she reached for her wand. Just then, the bell over the cave entrance jingled as someone came in. Large green eyes were filled with amusement as He took it all in. All the witch’s anger faded, as well as all the color from her face-that is, what little color she had. “you!..” her voice trembled. “No, it didn’t! My voice never trembles!” I coughed. “Excuse me, I’m narrating this story?” the witch scowled, and stomped out-her hair still blue. Aslan smiled, and Driddlhump detected a bit of mischief in the lion’s eyes. “Oh Aslan, I really messed things up!” the poor dwarf looked down, his shoulders hunched down. “No, driddlhump, you did things just fine. In fact, I don’t think the witch has ever looked better! Now, how about giving me a trim?”

it’s not really me by ILuvLucy
-I don’t thimk I can do this!
-of course you can! it’s just a couple of highlights!
-but I just don’t think it’s me.
-what are you talking about. with your complection it will look wonderful!
-I still don’t know. I don’t thik people will recongnize me if I get all these highlights.
-exactly! do you really want to spend the rest of your life running from people?
-it’s not my fault, it’s passed down in my family.
-and now you can change that.
-I just don’t think if I get highlights I’ll still feel like the WHITE stag!

and the winner

Avaris by QueenSusan
“Ah, Miss Avaris, we are so happy you’ve finally sought our council!” *turns to nail beautitcian and mumbles ‘about time!’* “Miss Avaris, may I say, what lovely hair you have. It’s a shame hair is only fanshionably LONG these days. Hair extensions are needed, oh yes, indeed.” *Hair therapist begins feeling her hair* “Oh, and a good shampooing too. It’s a little like, well, HORSE hair. Far to dry. It needs a ggood condition” The Beautition, Trinny, continues. “It’s such a shame, we’ll need to dye it blonde too, make it look like all the fashionable ladies. In fact we had your friend Larsaleen, here before. Of course, she is the most fashionable lady in the land, so lets take her advice shall we? Nail extensions, painted Pink! Yes that’ll be lovely. And you must try these new dresses. All these lovely colours. We have Shocking pink, bright Pink, vibrant pink, pink pink. All the finest silk, naturally.” Trinny turned to look at the other beautiton Sushanna. “Honestly, you’d think she only knows WHAT NOT TO WEAR!” she exclaimed.



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