Christmas Mixups – Writing Contest #24

Father Christmas has been gone for 100 years and, as he said in the movie “Things do tend to pile up”. In fact, his records have gotten completely out of order. He’s delivering the right gifts, but to all the wrong people. Give an example of two characters having their presents switched. What will the recipients make of their gifts? (You can use characters from any of the books, not just The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.)

The Beavers and Rumblebuffin
Giant Rumblebuffin looked confusedly at the mound of logs and mud before him, his christmas present. It looked like nothing so much as one of those funny little dams little creatures built along the river. But Father Christmas was very smart…oh, of course! It was a new take on the yule log to go in his fireplace.

Mr. Beaver looked at the strange piece of woven fabric that looked like nothing so much as a pair of oversized socks. “How lovely!” cried Mrs. Beaver. “New sleeping bags, one for each of us!”

Honorable Mentions

Mr. Fox and Faunterian by Warriorcats fan
Faunterian the faun was walking into his cave when he saw something from father Christmas. It looked like a cape and warm boots for a Fox! He looked carefuly at the items in his hand. Of corce of corce! It was a beutiful silken hot pad for fancy dinners and four very fancey reuseable muffin holders! How wanderful! faunterian loved to cook. right away he thought of the Christmas dinner he was having that night. He had decided only to have his mother, father, and two sisters over this year. He was making muffins to! And the hot pad would be perfect for the ham. The presants had come right in time! he went inside to start to make the Christmas dinner for that night.

Mr. Fox watched father Christmas roll away in his sliegh. He ran outside to collect his preasnt. There was a beutiful case wiyh a long hollow rod with holes in it. It’s a kind of travle thing! I can tie things on through the holes and put precious things in the long bar! Oh how wanderful! i was going to my sister’s house tomarrow for Christmas! I was just about to pack! What a perfect Christmas presant!

When faunterian’s sister, drytina the dryad sat down at the tablr she said, “I don’t mean to be rude but why are the muffins in fox boots?” “yes. And the ham on a fox cape?” asked his mother drydona the dryad. Faunterian turned red and said, “I thought they where muffin holders and a hot pad. I better give them to fox.” He ran out the door to go to foxes house.

Mean while Mr. Fox had called his sister to tell her about the wanderful travleing rod. And at the same time he rushed out to Faunterian’s house.

They met in the middle and Faunterian told Mr. Fox his part and mr. Fox told his. “I hope you don’t mind the muffin crumbs and ham drippings.” Said the Faun “And you the old dirty cape and friut I was bringing to my sister’s house being on the flute.” answered Fox. “Or maybe we could just keep each other’s gifts” they said together. They both laughed on the way back to there houses Who would have ever thought.

Peter and Mrs. Beaver by Peter_Susan
Peter Pevensie gazes stupidly at a sewing machine laid carefully on the table. What to do with that? he wonders. Meanwhile, Mrs. Beaver is tsk-tsking at a marvelous sword and shield, wondering how she’ll ever be able to hold something that heavy. But oh well. She’ll take care of that old Witch herself!

Puddleglum vs. the King’s daughter by C.S. Lois
Puddleglum was puzzled. Father Christmas had just left his dismal swamp with a cheery “Merry Christmas” (still catching up on gifts after hundreds of years!) and had dropped off a large, red box.
“Probably a boa constrictor or a bag of poison, more than likely” he muttered as he unwrapped the big green bow. What emerged surprised him more than anything. It was a huge stuffed teddy bear! Soft and brown, with a lovely pink bow. It also had a little crown attached with some thread under the chin. He stood puzzling over it for a while and wondered who sent it. “Probably one of the centaurs. They certainly are a flighty and happy-go-lucky sort!”

Meanwhile, at King Rilian’s palace, his daughter, who was only ten years old was in her room. There was a small box in her hand, one that Father Christmas had left for her. She was excited. “Perhaps it’s a necklace that the dwarves made!” But she was disappointed. It was a couriously carved box, made of a dark, somber wood, and polished in a serious shade. Upon opening it, she almost dropped it in unpleasant surprise. It was a pile of tobacco, mixed with the finest, richest mud of the Western Marshes.

and the winner

Presents at the Tisroc’s(may he live for ever) Pal by Lady Luck
Larasaleen rushed for the pile of presents in her dressing room(which is quite large),hopeing to find some fabulous new dresses with matching accessories. Instead she found a collection of simatars and armor , asstonished she cried “What are these? I demand a explanation.”
The unlucky slave in desperation said ” Milady these must be the absolute latest fashion in Tashban”
‘How wonderful!’ Larasaleen squealed.

Rabadash was threatening to cut of the heads of all of Tashban if someone did not tell him why he had received floufy dresses with scarves that matched, instead of battle armor for Christmas. “Just how am I going to empress the barbarian Queen from the North if I don’t have a decent set of armor” he roared at his best adviser. the unfortunate man replied with as much poise as you can after you have told you should be boiled alive” My lord they must be to aid you in your quest for the Barbarian Queen’s hand, my own wife,Lady Larasaleen wears such things.” Rabadash looked extremely pleased with this answer. ” Merry Christmas Viser!”



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