Win a Cameo in the Royal Journals – Writing Contest #32

Would you like to have one of your characters make a cameo appearance in the next of the Royal Journals? Create a character, much like you’d write up a blurb for a character in the Forum RPG. Tell us who they are, what they are, and why they are in/arriving in Cair Paravel. They could be a bird bringing a message, a talking Beast at one of the celebrations. Remember it has only been a few days since the Pevensis ascended the throne, so there are no more humans in Narnia right now. Perhaps someone from Archenland has sped up the coast in a ship upon hearing the news that the Sorceress of the north has been over-thrown! The winner will make an appearance in Edmund’s Journal in September.

Sedgewick the Duck has come to Cair Paravel to discuss the subject of protected nesting grounds for his family, where they will not be disturbed by dwarf and centaur hunters, aiming for dumb prey. A father of six, Sedgewick is sensible and level-headed, for a duck, but is a little nearsighted and has to get rather too close to people to see and speak to them comfortably. How he manages to fly is anyone’s guess.

Honorable Mentions

The Lord of Carmichael by Scholar
Lord Drent of Carmichael, Lord and Councilman of King Lune of Archenland, was visiting his eldest at court when the defeat of the White Witch reached the King. With his majesty King Lune, Drent joins the trip to meet the Pevensies, who have taken residence in Cair Paravel. Drent is especially grateful for their ascension to the thrones since he protects one of the passes between Narnia and Archenland. He mentions that he has three children: his oldest, Ast is already a young man who is serving in Lune’s court. His two younger, Astor and Astera are back home and much closer to the young royals age. He says perhaps that is why he is so found of the new royal family. His favorite and youngest child Astera, being twelve is almost the same age as High King Peter. Drent wishes them well and hopes they might one day visit Carmichael, perhaps for a hunt.

Starback Skunk by salamander-of-bism
Starback Skunk has just waddled into Cair Paravel complaining of undeserved prejudice against skunks in the Western Wood. Everyone quickly leaves the general area of poor Starback, but I hear it turned out brave Feepilcheep the mouse returned to the woods with him to bring justice to the offending dwarves and fauns.

Doom Is At Hand! by Dearheart
Moonwind is a wise and ancient centaur who has come to Cair Paravel to honor the Four who fulfilled the Prophecy his father had proclaimed before his death. But he also comes to warn them, for he has discovered strange and somewhat distressing news. The stars have foretold the coming of an invasion that will very soon come upon Narnia; an invasion of hundreds of stunningly beautiful women with eyes like sparkling jewels, shimmering, silky hair and flowing gowns of glittery pink, who all claim to be the High King Peter’s (and occasionally, King Edmund’s) “twoo wuv”. Many of them go so far as to blaspheme about there being a “fifth throne” or some sort of “forgotten prophecy” about them, and some even claim to have various magical powers and special abilities. The stars were rather unclear on how this swiftly approaching invasion was caused or provoked, but Moonwind was able to decipher that these creatures decided to attack Narnia after recently looking at some sort of magic moving picture for entertainment. He also has learned that this strange and ominous race of beings has a name: MARY SUE. (dun, dun, duuun…) Beware, Peter Wolf’s-Bane, and prepare yourself…for your doom is at hand!

A what? by Anygal
Today the Royal Court had the most fascinating visitor. He was tall, had thin, long legs, and most curiously, he had webbed feet and hands. He told us he was a Marsh-wiggle,his name was Rainfoot, and that he was from the Eastern Marshes. “Us, the Marsh-wiggles, we were most happy that you defeated the White Witch, of course, its only some time before another enemy arises. Still, we wish to thank you very much for defeating her. The snow has melted, and yet, that can only mean it must rain…” He rambled on, pessimistically “Oh dear,” said Lucy sympathetically. They later learned that Rainfoot had been sent on the long journey to not only to deliver the message, but as he said, “My folk think I’m to cheerful, so they sent me on the way here to serious me up…”

and the winner

Petalnose by Lily_Of_Archenland
Petalnose is Lilygloves’ niece, here to “help” with the royal garden–or rather, to receive on-the-spot training from her uncle. She is a little bit flighty, and easily distractable–being but a young mole–and unfortunately for one in her profession, she likes the taste of roots.


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