T-Shirt Ideas – Writing Contest #37

We’re looking for T-Shirts for the world’s first Narnia convention, LionCon, which will be held in Southern California in June 2008. Narniaweb, Narniafans, and The Lion’s Call are putting it together, and we need a really great shirt idea. It can be funny. It can be serious. It must be fabulous! So we’re gathering ideas through a contest. Your entry, or a variation, might make it onto the shirt! Give us your best shot! (Remember that Prince Caspian will be coming out just before, so Caspian-themed shirts may be timely.) NOTE: You may not use the words ‘Narnia’ or ‘Aslan’ in your entry. NOTE: All entries become the property of Honor Conventions Inc. Entrants understand that the winner will receive no reward for participation.

Here are a few examples, but please submit yours as separate entries. A picture of a wardrobe with a tag that says ‘expired’. Underneath, the words ‘Wardrobe not working? That’s why there’s LionCon!’ A letter from Professor Kirke, calling all Friends of the Lion to gather together. Cair Paravel Tours See the ruins of Cair Paravel Explore the ancient treasure room Meet helpful dwarfs and unsafe Lions Fight off a force of angry Telmarines

Honorable Mentions

Caution by natter/jack
a pic of a lion, text says ‘ CAUTION not a tame lion’

T-shirt for Edmund by Edmaria
I was tied to a tree
Waded through miles of snow
Ended up being stabbed by a witch

And all I got was this lousy t-shirt

motto by jacques
I survived the battle of Beruna

motto by jacques
I have a magic horn and I know how to use it

motto by jacques
Once a fan of C.S. Lewis… (on the front)

Always a fan of C.S. Lewis (on the back)

motto by jacques
I’m really an overgrown dwarf who has cut off its beard

Oh My! by Lady Luck
Wardrobes,and Witches, and LionCon Oh my!

T-shirt entry#1 by C.S. Lois
Words saying “must be this tall to qualify for dwarf-tossing” and an arrow or line at the hem of the shirt.

LionCon by Desert Crossing
FRONT: The Lion has called…

BACK: And I answered!

Talking Mouse by Hermit of the Northern March
Bell the cat,
Keep the talking Mice safe!

Wardrobe by Hermit of the Northern March
Have wardrobe, will travel.

T shirt idea by Flaricia
Front: Only in Narnia… Back: Can a lion come back to life

Wardrobe by NarniaFan#1
A picture of the wardrobe wide open, and under it saying ‘IT IS VERY FOOLISH TO SHUT ONESELF INTO A WARDROBE…’

Tash by The king
Rabadash front:”The bolt of Tash falls from above.Prince Corin back:”Does it ever get caught on a hook halfway?

T shirts are awesome by Clodsley
A picture of a envelope with a stamp of a lion on it with the address:
0000 Your Street
Your City, Your State
the return address:
The Lion
0000 Lion Blvd.
Beyond the Sea, AC
Underneath it it says:
“Your Country…Delivered”
“LionCon 2008”

Calormen by Hermit of the Northern March
An hour’s life at LionCon is better than a thousand years in Calormen!

electric torch by Hermit of the Northern March
I left my electric torch in another world.

Spare Oom by Hermit of the Northern March
Hello, I’m from Spare Oom!

Professor Kirke by Hermit of the Northern March
Even their looks will give the secret out.

Reep by ILuvLucy
A picture of Reepicheap on the front. Above it says, “Hug me and die!”

Angel-devil by ILuvLucy
A picture of the witch from “The silver chair” on the front with the words, “Angel on the outside” and a picture of the serpent on the back with the words, “Devil on the inside”.

Passport by Narnia Fan
Passport to a new world!
NOTE: Please have your tickets ready!

LionCon2008 by Wathira
A picture of the lamppost. Underneath, the words ‘We’ll leave the light on for you.’ – LionCon

The difference between a mouse and Reepicheep by ChristProclaimer
One side the the shirt says ‘Mouse’ and has a picture of a common mouse. The other side has Reepicheep (complete with rapier and whiskers)and boldly states ‘Reepicheep’

You May be a Narniac If: by Rana
1. You know Eustace Scrubb’s middle name
2. You call pessimistic people “Puddleglums”
3. You have walked into more than one wardrobe or closet and came out disappointed
4. You find it annoying that Caspian isn’t blond in the movie
5. You have been to LionCon… and loved every minute!

I Went to Ettinsmoor… by Torin
I joined the White Witch’s army, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Blocked Entrances by Jackie Lewis
Pictures on the front left side, words on the right. A picture of the wardrobe; words “Expired.” A picture of Susan’s horn; words “Batteries not included.” The painting of the Dawn Treader; words “Closed for matinence.” A picture of the door in the school wall; words “Employees only.” On the back on the right: LionCon. On the left: June 2008, Southern California, USA

Which should we go? by Jackie Lewis
On the front, pictures on left, words on right. Picture of a yellow and a green ring; words “Expired.” Picture of the wardrobe; words “Construction ahead.” Picture of Susan’s horn; words “Batteries not included.” Painting of the Dawn Treader; words “Closed for matinence.” Picture of the door in the school wall; words “Employees only.” On the back on the right: LionCon; on the left: Southern California, June 2008.

Breathe by Merry
A picture of a lion with the word “Breathe” underneath

What do they teach in schools these days? by Dragyn
Front: “If we’re not mad and we’re not lying, then we must be telling the truth… LionCon DOES rock!” Back: “What do they teach in schools these days?”

Horn. by Luthien
Never leave your best horn in another country, You might be surprised at who uses it.

I Luv Lucy by ChristProclaimer
Picture of Lucy, above which is written: I Love Lucy

Awake, Think, love, speak by Merry
A picture of a lions face with the words “Awake, Think, Love, Speak” underneath.

Duffer Shirt by Caspian
A blue shirt that looks kind of like ripples that says “Water: It’s powerful wet stuff!”

Master Card by thatonekid1183
Gold and Green Rings: $36
Susan’s horn: $128
Arm bandof a lost lord: $56
Silver chair: $172
Being conned by a gorilla: Priceless
There are some things crescents just can’t buy, but for everything else, there’s LionCon.

The Door Is Closed…Or Is It? by Daughter of Aslan
the door is closed
narnia is gone
so sadly we watch and we pray
but we need not be sad
no we need not be mad
for the LionCon opens the way!

The Door Is Closed by Daughter of Aslan
(front) The door is closed.

(Back) but LionCon is not!

The Next True King Of Narnia by Shaoden
The Horn Has Sounded,
Caspian Calls for Aid,
Will You Answer His Call?
Will You Come to LionCon?

Wardobe ad by Queen Jill the Lionhearted
Wardrobe for sale. Wooden antique wardrobe with fine carvings. Made from apple tree wood. Sat in the house of a Proffesor Digory Kirk. Call 555-Kirk.
Warning: May contain magic powers. Explore at your own risk.
Call 555

and the winner

To be announced by Kristi
We’ll get back to you on this after the LionCon board has reviewed all the entries. Enjoy!


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