A Narnian Valentine – Writing Contest #49

It’s February, and the attention of the Narnians turns to Valentines. Describe a gift a Narnian might give to their Valentine.

Miss Reedgloom, Well, though it won’t taste very good, I shouldn’t wonder, or likely as not will disagree with your stomach, I’ve made you this eel pie. Burnt it, I think, but there wasn’t time to make another. Likely as not you’ll say no because of it, but I’ll ask anyway and put the best face on it. Would you be my Valentine? – Puddleglum

Honorable Mentions

To Aravis by ~Eilonwy
My dear Aravis,

I honestly couldn’t think of anything to get you this year; finding something for a person like you is hard. This time of year is the only time I wish you were a little more like Lasaraleen…
But I finally talked to a few of the dwarfs, and they agreed to make you this necklace. It’s got a tiny metal-worked Aslan on it, which I thought you’d like.

I still don’t know why you love me,

From one Dufflepud to the Other by Grace
My dear Lilipud,
I’ve given you this amazing boat I found – it actually sinks and *then* floats, so that you don’t have to worry about the floating at all in the first place.


Fish and Chips and Valentines by Aslan’s Star
My dear Mrs. Beaver,
As you can see I left some nice fish and chips for you to enjoy with Windeye and the others while I’m at work. Make sure their gone though, dear, before I come home. Have somewhere special for us tonight. You will really enjoy it. (Please, stop your fussing, as I know you are doing. You’ll look lovely, besides when you see this, it’ll be hours before we go.)I would also like to add: Will you be my Valentine?

-Mr. Beaver

To a Miss Treesnub by Trumpkin
It’s all eggs and moonshine, my family may say. But I’m giving you this box of chocolates any how. You needn’t say thank you, the chocolate may not be to your liking, perhaps. Others think I’m quite crazy, I’m sure. But I just can’t seem to help my self. But whistles and whirligigs, I supose I better get to the point. Would you be my Valentine?

Corin to Aravis, Aravis to Corin by Lucy P.
(inspired by the fact that Lewis said they fought a lot)

Happy Valentine’s Day, hun. Here’s some Narnian chocolate for you (made by Porcupines, I hear it’s the darkest ever) Sorry about that fight we had over the curtains in the East Reception Hall. Forgive me. You will let me back in the castle, won’t you?

Corin is taunting me from the parapets. Hurry up and let down the drawbridge.


Darling Cor,
Of course I forgive you! Unfortunately I didn’t get your note until after the storm broke. Hope you aren’t too wet.

and the winner

The Queen’s Valentine by salamander-of-bism
My dearest Jadis,
I adore you. I worship you. I can fathom no greater magician or queen than you. And as a token of my blazing, undying passion for you, I have conjured for you this powerful crystal wand. I hope beyond hope that you find some joy in this invaluable trinket, my love. Have a lovely, icy Valentine’s Day.
With love,

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