How I Spent My Summer – Writing Contest #52

Summer is here so by Niffum’s suggestion this month’s writing contest is to write Narnian character’s description of how they spent their summer. They can be based on things that happened in the books or the way you think the character spent their summer.

How I spent my summer by King Caspian, the tenth of that name This summer I found out I was the heir to the throne, ran for my life, joined forces with creatures from my bedtime stories and learned that it is rude to watch a squirrel go to its store of nuts. Then I went to live underground, fought with my evil uncle, summoned ancient kings and queens with a magical horn, got bitten by a werewolf, and got crowned king. And oh yeah I got a terrible sunburn. How was your summer?

Honorable Mentions

To my good friend Sputtergrim by Corianne
This summer I went on a quest with two humans to save another one. Prince Rilian was finally found under ground in the clutches of a witch whom we killed, though I’m quite sure that she’ll just be brought back, or that King Rilian will be attacked and killed before the year is out. Eustace and Jill went to meet King Caspian, but, as you know, he died before his feet touched Narnian soil. Probably the long-term effects of poison. My foot is healing, but I’m positive that it’ll become infected all over again and need to be taken off at the knee.
In all, my summer has been quite fine, though I’m sure my wigwam will be flooded before this reaches you.
How was your summer?

A Lasaraleen-istic Summer by Caspian
Let’s see, darling, my summer began with that fantastic ball over in the Tisroc’s palace. I wore my new silk-velvet-tafetta-gossamer gown which looked like a dream under the moonlight. Prince Rabadash HIMSELF asked me to dance with him, darling. Imagine!
And then the next week I went out on a river party…spent the day giggling at Prince Ardeeb and the Tarkaan Whats-his-name…must remember his name…anyway, wore my yellow dress with the lace-frilled bodice and the plaited skirts. I had my maid put my hair up in the latest style, and it was only too perfect! Dear Ardeeb chased after my monkey when he climbed over the side, and fell into the water! Such a sight, it was. Couldnt help but giggle at the ridiculosity of the thing. Poor lad. I leaned overboard to take the dear little thing from his hands and fell in as well! Positively ruined my dress, but Ardeeb does have such a pleasant smile. Anyway we had just climbed back onboard when Ashaan, my husband turned up. He behaved most unpleasantly, uncivilized brute.

Well after the whole river party scandal, as people started calling it (as well as my first mad jokeimagine!) was over, Ashaan left for the south. Said he was going to go call on a friend of his about a horse. Men! While he was gone I bought a new dressto replace the yellow one, of course, darlingand it was the most vivid shade of crimson! A darling little thing. I was just out in my litter seeing the townand making sure Gareleen Tarkheena saw my new dresswhen who should turn up but darling Aravis! I was so frightfully glad to see her, but then she behaved like a beast, leaping into my litter and making such a scene about her silly talking horses and drawing the curtains of the litter. Why, I didnt have half a chance to show off to Gareleen how futile her efforts at beating me in the world of fashion have become!

I took the dear girl home and had the most ghastly time. Aravis and I never did get alongshe cares nothing about dresses and seemed to disdain my gigglingand this time it was almost awkward! Of course my conversation skills kept the silence from being prolonged, but it was all I could do to get her out of the house. It was rather exciting, really; her being wrapped up in a conspiracy, and eloping with that peasant boy who turned out afterward to be the Prince of Archenland. She always was a sly one, that girl.

I nearly died in my haste to get her out of Tashbaan, because while we were escaping we overheard a secret conversation between the Tisroc (may he live forever) and that darling Prince Rabadash. I never knew he was so madly in love with Queen Susan, but the conversation proved it. Poor man. Those cold northern beauties are so much less thrilling than his own native people, I should say. Aravis was extraordinarily ungrateful when I let her out after our touch with death. I shant miss her.

Theres not much else to this summer. Prince Ardeeb apparently caught cold from his fall into the river and has been ill. Gareleen wont speak with me anymore because my dress was more in fashion than hers at the ball last night. Prince Rabadash seems to have disappeared. Must go, though, to start putting on my dress for the Autumn feast this evening. Its a green silk with gossamer fittings, and such lovely emerald slippers, darling&

Peter’s summer by Ariel_of_Narnia
Well, I suppose I should say my /Narnian/ summer. For it was early fall in England that day. Su, Ed, Lu, and I were going to boarding school, but ended up starting the school year with a trip to Narnia instead. Anyway… how I spent my summer:
Found myself (and the others) in the woods, made our way to a beach, followed a stream to Cair Paravel (in ruins, sadly), and later on, met a red dwarf named Trumpkin. He told us of Prince Caspian (the tenth) and I was determined to help him claim his crown, throne, and kingdom. After a few days of getting lost in the woods (and wondering if raw bear-meat was as nasty as I’d been told), Aslan led us to Caspian’s camp at Aslan’s How. Ed, the DLF, and I had to get rid of a hag and werewolf the moment we walked into the innermost room. Talk about an introduction! I dictated a letter to Miraz (Caspian’s usurper uncle), challenging him to single combat. Ended up with a sprained wrist during the duel, but, hey! the Narnians won! Aslan proclaimed Caspian as king of Narnia. I admit, I wondered how Caspian, Ed, and I might rule all at once, but that problem was solved when Aslan said that Su an I was never to return to Narnia. And, surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought. But I will miss that place dearly….

and the winner

The Thunder-Fist by Caspian
*sigh* I hate these blasted assignments. Cor can scribble away and have it through in five minutes, but me…no. I hate writing. ‘d rather box. Or ride. Or tackle Cor.

How I spent my summer, that chap said was the assignment. How did I spend my summer? Certainly better than Cor spent it. All he ever does anymore is moon over Aravis and write love poems and then burn them. He thinks I don’t see but I do. Hmm…got a suit of armor. It’s hardly worth mentioning, though, because riding in armor is so blasted heavy. I’d much rather just challenge someone to a boxing match. Though armor is better in a battle than no armor, and you can’t very well be a warrior without going to battle every now and again. Cor would argue that, of course. My mare gave birth to a foal…named him Shasta. Cor turned bright red and Aravis giggled. She teases him about it an awful lot now. Wish I’d never done it, but now all she ever does is talk about how she was leading Shasta around and teaching him to eat out of her hand…ugh. Silly girl. Cor almost knocked me down when he found out about it.

I did get into a fight with someone worth mentioning. Twas one of Father’s noble’s sons…dull chap, and arrogant too. All he ever wanted to do was talk about how strong he was and how brave he was and how many horses he had. And he only talked at all when Aravis was around. He was the most frightful bore. Cor didn’t like him either. Kept muttering something about him trying to steal something…certainly not the love letters, eh, Cor? Anyway, he punched me for some reason or another…had to do with a comment I made about him having the mental capacity of his horse, I think. Silly fellow couldn’t take a joke. I beat him fair and square-both Aravis and Cor saw it-but when Father came down to see what it was all about he threw the most frightful fit. Said I should be spending more time at my studies if all I can do is get in trouble. And so, alas, here I am. Writing this silly assignment that I don’t care about. He did have the most marvelous black eye, though.


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