Comic Strips – Writing Contest #53

We’re running short on comics for the homepage, and we have a number of great artists just looking for a good idea. Send in your suggestions for a comic, and maybe see your idea drawn up!

Caspian (in close-up): Do you ever wonder if the old Narnian proverbs are true? Trumpkin (also in close-up): You mean sayings like “Badgers hold on?” (Wide shot, revealing Trumpkin clinging to Caspian, who is clinging to Trufflehunter, who is clinging to an arching sapling as the three of them hang off a cliff over shark-infested water) Caspian: Yes, that particular saying does come to mind just now.

Honorable Mentions

Oreius Has a Point by Dearheart
Oreius: (with a smug smile on his face) I would just like to point out that we are soooooo much cooler than the Potter centaurs.

I wonder… by LionHugs
(peter and Susan sitting across from each other in a living room like area) peter: (looks out window) I wonder what Lu and Ed are doing right now?
Susan: (sighs) oh, they’re probably bored out of their skulls
(switch to Lucy, Edmund, and eustace on the dawn treader looking out at ocean)
Lucy:… I wonder what Susan and Peter are doing right now.

Meeting The Family by Aslan’s Breath
(Wide Shot, White Witch and Edmund sit in White Witch’s sleigh.)

White Witch (Close up): Edmund? I would very much like to meet your family…

Edmund (Close Up): Well they’re not here right now, but… (Pulls out open wallet. Inside, there are photos of the Pevensies)

Edmund: Here they are!

White Witch (Close Up): That wasn’t exactly what I meant…

Aragorn as the older Caspian by Ariel_of_Narnia
close up of Caspian staring: “Who are you?”
close up of Aragorn (preferrably in the same or similar position): “I’m you in the future.”

Planting Investments by Caspian
Setting: A glade in Narnia during MN

Uncle Andrew: I mean, look at my trousers! They’re ruined! Ruined!

Digory: They’re just trousers, Uncle Andrew. Can’t you buy another pair when we get home?

Uncle Andrew: With what, my dear boy? It’s not as if money grows on trees!

There is a blank moment, and then Uncle Andrew realizes what he’s said and exactly where he is. (Or Polly and Digory exchange a look, and then glance at the tree of gold and tree of silver that are sticking out of the ground between them)

…Monopoly? by Faded Echoes
(Aslan’s camp, LWW.)
Lucy: I wonder what’s taking them so long?
Peter: I’m not sure, but we musn’t rush them.
Lucy: But Peter – !
Speech buble from Aslan’s tent: Ha! You’re bankrupt!
Susan: Did the Witch just…?
Peter: …I think I’ll go check.
(Inside Aslan’s tent. Peter’s standing at the entrance, looking amazed. Aslan and Jadis are sitting/standing around something we can’t see.)
Aslan: *sigh* Jadis, just because most of my money is in free parking doesn’t mean I’m bankrupt. Considering you’re on my hotel…
Jadis: Darn. Alright, you get to keep the boy. But you’ve still got to keep your promise. (gets up and leaves tent.)
Aslan: (looks satisfied) You’d think she knows by now that I always win in monopoly.

and the winner

Christmastime by Sarah the True
(Picture of Caspian, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy)
Caspian: You mean you don’t get weapons for Christmas in your world? What do you get?
Susan: Well…
Edmund: Gift cards.
Lucy: Snuggies.
Peter: Clothes that don’t fit.
Caspian:(Close-up) Uh…


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