Forum Down

Hi folks. I tried to install something last night to improve our forum experience, but it rethemed the whole site in blue, and broke the forum and the admin section. Every time I try to turn the forum back on, it breaks again, which means probably a full reinstall of the forum. However at the moment it is late and I must go to bed.

12 thoughts on “Forum Down

  1. SwanwhiteSwanwhite

    *hugs Kristi* Thanks so much for everything you do 🙂 It’s all going to be okay. Your minions are behind you…. (that sounds frightening, but we’re loyally behind you)

  2. Ariel_of_Narnia

    It’s okay, Kristi! We’ll be patient!
    (Quick question though, do we need to re-register or is it because the forum’s down or am I somehow getting my login info wrong?)

    1. Ajnos GamgeeAjnos

      Ariel! *snugs* We need to talk soon. I’d sent you a PM on the old site, not sure if you got it, but I’ll get in contact as soon as stuff is working again and we have PMs. You do need to re-register. It will send you an odd password via email that you can change once you’re logged in.

      1. Ariel_of_Narnia

        Ajjie! *snugs back* I’m afraid I didn’t receive that PM. I thought of you several times while the old site was down, but of course, had no way to communicate….
        Thanks for the info! I’ll register right now.

    2. Ariel.of.NarniaAriel_of_Narnia

      Just so you know, there’s no distinction between Ariel_of_Narnia and Ariel.of.Narnia. I mean, I figure you would have gathered that anyway, but I just wanted to say that because I bet I’ll still be using underscores…. 🙂

  3. Arianrhod

    Warning: you probably shouldn’t read this if you don’t want to put up with incoherent rambling. If it proves to be too depressing or something (everyone seems really happy on all these pages and I’m really sorry for breaking the trend) could someone with the power to do so please remove it? I’m really, really sorry.

    [edited by staff]

    1. Ajnos GamgeeAjnos

      Hey Arian. I remember you, though I never knew you well. It’s great to hear from you again, and thanks for posting. We want TLC to be a place where people feel they can share their personal struggles. From personal experience, I know that the people on the site are great at comforting us when we’re going through tough times. I’ve moved the bulk of your post to the prayer thread in the forum. Not because there was anything wrong with it, but since it’s so personal I thought it might be better for you to have it in a more private place. I know people are going to reply to what you said there, so have a look at it. Please try to log in again and let us know if you are still having trouble. *lots of snugs* Ajnos >’.’<

    2. LilLil

      Arianrhod! I’m glad you posted. I’ve missed you! (I just wish I’d seen this post earlier…) I hope you’ll come back? Please know I will be praying for you.

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