Christmas Costume Party and Secret Santa (Sorta)

The annual TLC Christmas Costume Party will take place in the chatroom this Tuesday, all day!

Enter as a guest and change your name (Sorry, no avvies this year.) to a favorite Christmas character. Scrooge, Rudolph, a Wise Man (No members of the Holy Family), and act like your character all day so no one will know who you are. Guessing will take place at 5:30 Pacific! Can’t wait to see you there.

Secret Santa

We have, admittedly, fallen a bit behind this year, and decided to make it easier on the staff by not assigning individual Secret Santas. Instead, we will set up an anonymous Elf account that anybody can use to give gifts (If you haven’t played before, gifts are links to images, avatars, signatures, youtube videos, and other things you think the recipient might enjoy). We will also provide a thread where you can post Letters to Father Christmas with your wish list, so everybody knows who wants to participate.

The Wishlist thread is now open! Be sure to get yours in, as giving starts on December 17! Giving will continue through Christmas Day. Check out the Secret Santa section in the forum for all the details!