If Narnian Characters Had Cell Phones – The Horse and His Boy Edition

As I look for a cover for my new phone, I am astounded by the variety available out there on Etsy.  While still undecided about just which one will perfectly match my personality, I found a few that were plainly MADE FOR various characters from the Chroncles.  Tell me if you agree.






…and my personal favorite:

Corin Thunderfist

9 thoughts on “If Narnian Characters Had Cell Phones – The Horse and His Boy Edition

  1. Miniverminiver

    Utterly hysterical! They’re all apt, but my goodness, Lasaraleen’s is just sooo perfect. And Corin Thunderfist…it’s as if this phone were repainted in Archenland. (Hey, has anyone checked whether there’s an Etsy link to Anvard….)

  2. Ariel.of.NarniaAriel_of_Narnia

    *mouth drop* I. Want. I went to Walmart and bought a G4 cover for my iPod yesterday (Captain America’s shield) but apparently my iPod’s not G4…. *wonders if she should start looking at covers online now that she’s seen these*

  3. SYorickson

    Nice! I am imagining Lasaraleen being carried around Tashbaan, talking on her smart phone with that cover.

  4. Eva of Cair ParavelEva of Cair Paravel

    Wow, this is great! 😀 I think the first two are the best, but they’re all great! 😀

  5. fireflowerfireflower

    These are so perfect! But, by far, Lasaraleen’s is the best; it goes just perfectly with her new dress!

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