Narnia Cast (podcast series on the Narnia Books)

A new podcast miniseries looking at The Chronicles of Narnia books began this week (Monday 9 September 2013) hosted on the Middle Earth Network. The presenters of the series are William O’Flaherty (owner of the website Essential CS Lewis and contributor on Narnia Fans), Paul Martin (founder and webmaster of Narnia Fans) and Dr Crystal Hurd (CS Lewis scholar and academic). Each episode has a different distinguished guest, such as Dr Bruce Edwards (author of Further Up and Further In and Not a Tame Lion). Every week there will be separate episode on one of the seven books, beginning with The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. They run for roughly 45 minutes.

Each podcast contains various segments including a presentation of the background to the book, a short summary of the story, a discussion of favourite characters and a look at aspects unique to that story, followed by a more general discussion. The stories are examined in a scholarly manner and provide interesting insight into the world of and behind Narnia. In the first episode, presenters discuss, among other things, JRR Tolkien’s opinion of Lewis’ writings and the use of magic in the world of Narnia.

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