Narnian Company Slogans – Writing Contest #65

If Narnians organized their business affairs into companies, what would their slogans/taglines be?

Example: (by Eowyn of Narnia)
“Marshwiggle Industries – You Probably Won’t Like What We Sell”

Don’t forget to take at the look winners for the last contest!


Honorable Mentions:

by Lilliandil
Gnome City Inc. – We sell the small, down under things.

by Tom Duffy
Tashlan – The god you need to get where you’re going.

by gwainesfriend
“Green Kirtle Music Company — Ssssimply Exssscellent.”

by Lilliandil
Fix-It Fauns Inc. – If it’s broken, we can fix it!

And the winner…

by Tom Duffy
White Witch Statuary – Get your statue from your Queen. So life-like, you won’t have another traitorous thought.


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