Narnialympics: Incident on Ski Slope

file000825648144Today’s skiing events took a serious turn as one of the contestants, a white talking Hare, was lost on the long distance ski run.

“We watched him ski most of the way, but lost sight of him because of some trees that blocked him from view,” explained a giant who was not allowed to participate in the search for fear of him accidentally stepping on the hare. “He never came out from behind the trees.”

Fortunately, the hare showed up two hours later. He woke up from a nap screaming when a centaur (who mistook him for a pile of snow) nearly stepped on him while searching around the base of a big tree.

“I was getting so sleepy,” the hare later explained, “and was far outdoing all my competitors, so I thought I had plenty of time for a quick nap. But,” he added, “you can be sure that I shan’t be napping during a competition again, no matter how fast I am; I don’t like being nearly trodden upon by centaurs.” He did, however, gratefully thank the organizers of the search party for not allowing helpful giants to join the search.

– The Happy Islander
Official Correspondent of the Narnian News Service

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