How to Have a Narnia-Themed Party

So, you have a special event coming up and are a fan of Narnia? What better thing to do than to have a Narnia inspired party? Here is a bit of inspiration to help you make your next gathering much more Narnian.



As the theme of the party is ‘Narnia’, one of the best ways to let it show would be to decorate accordingly. The way you choose to decorate will be decided by which of the ‘Chronicles’ you want as the setting and the amount of time and effort you are willing to use.


The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe would probably be one of the easiest books to bring to life since it is the most well known. Anything from wardrobes to lampposts could be easily recognized.


Plywood board, cardboard, and some trim could do for a wardrobe if you don’t have one. Adding coats across the doorway could make it all the more reminiscent.


wardrobe coats


What if the wardrobe led into an ice room made of white and blue plastic tablecloths, white curling ribbon, white paper, and a Christmas tree?




Aslan’s pavilion need only be PVC pipes and red and gold plastic tablecloths, with a couch underneath.

















When decorating, anything goes; just let your imagination run wild!


Food and Beverages

Traditional party food? Scrap that. You should try to go with something more Narnian. Now it doesn’t have to be difficult to make, in fact, most of the foods found in the novels are relatively simple:


  • Any type of fruit juice, tea, or milk would do well for drinks.
  • For appetizers or snacks, you could easily go with cheese and fruits, a nice cup of tea with a teacake, or maybe ‘Turkish Delight’ (sugar-powdered brownies), which are easy to find and something that almost everyone would enjoy.
  • The main course could go along the lines of any meat-and-potato dish, or you could make eel stew with or without the eels (just use what you would normally use for a stew but call it ‘eel stew’), whichever you prefer.
  • Whatever type of cake you like would be fine for dessert. You could always have a custom cake made by going directly to a bakery and showing them what you would like them to do. Or you could have a pre-made cake with something special printed on it: a line or illustration from the books, a graphic you made, or maybe even something you drew or painted.

 Games and Activities

What you decide to do to entertain your guests will depend on who you invite, but here are some ideas:


  • Freeze tag – one person is chosen as ‘it’ and tries to turn all the rest to stone, but the others have the capability to ‘un-freeze’ each other.
  • Pin the tail on Reepicheep – draw or print out a picture of our most beloved mouse as well as several tails. See who can pin it the closest while blindfolded.
  • Quotes – write or type up as many quotes as you want and cut them out individually. Fold them up before putting them into a hat, bowl, or anything that could work. As the host you should go first by choosing a slip of paper and reading it aloud. The guests should then guess who said that particular quote and whoever is correct will go up next. Continue until all of the quotes are gone.
  • Charades – write or type up names of as many characters or creatures as you like and cut them out to put into anything that could hold them. Each person will go up and try to act out whatever they got on their slip of paper. Hilarity and a good time are guaranteed.
  • Dragon Hoard – put candy coins inside of any clear container (remember to count them!) and have your guests guess how many are inside. The winner wins the ‘hoard’ but just make sure to tell them that they will not turn into a dragon.

Other Ideas

  • Instead of using regular invitations, why don’t you write them out yourself using a calligraphy pen making it more personal as well as tied in better with the theme?
  • Dress up! Make this a costume party and ask your guests to come as their favourite character or to just dress up Narnian style.

Have you hosted a Narnia themed party or do you have any ideas that could add to this? Please give us your thoughts below!

7 thoughts on “How to Have a Narnia-Themed Party

  1. SwanwhiteSwanwhite

    So cool! 🙂 are the pictures from a party you had Elanorelle? I love the fur coats in the wardrobe entrance and the pavilion and everything.
    For my 16th birthday I had a Narnian theme 🙂 and we played pin the tail on Reepicheep. I think we also made eatable models of Beaver’s dam and the Northern Marshes, out of pretzel sticks and chocolate and other stuff. And we had a makeshift lamp post and stuff 🙂

  2. gwainesfriendgwainesfriend

    This is such a cool idea! I will have to remember it for whenever I host a party….

  3. Tenethia BrandybuckTenethia

    Well-written, Elanor! I’m sure that could be a very wonderful party to attend 😉
    I’ve always wanted to have a Narnia-themed party. Maybe next year!! 😀

  4. narniagirl11

    Awesome article! I loved your decorating ideas!
    I had a Narnia party last year. It was so awesome! My sister made a shield-shaped cookie cutter, so we had shield cookies, and then she used a pen with edible ink to draw lions on the shield cookies. We set up Christmas trees and covered everything with white sheets. And all of my guests dressed up. 🙂

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