Free E-Book: Aslan’s Call by Mark Eddy Smith

For a limited time, you can download a free copy of Aslan’s Call by Mark Eddy Smith. Publisher’s Weekly had this to say about the book: “This breezy personal narrative by a man obviously in love with magical representations of biblical stories is part exegetical reflection and part personal spiritual memoir. Smith, a graphic designer for InterVarsity Press and author of the popular Tolkien’s Ordinary Virtues, offers his interpretation of the characters and events found in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and then some. Embedded within his Chronicles interpretations are stories of his own moments of spiritual enlightenment—such as when his feral cat-buddy Fernando leapt to greet him on his balcony one day, showing him what it was like to feel deeply loved in the way that Aslan loves. These heartfelt, essay-style reflections have only one drawback—in most cases, readers must already be familiar with and fascinated by the Narnia characters to appreciate Smith’s analysis. For Smith, Aslan is a Christ figure who hides his true nature and name because “too many people in this age have become confused and roll their eyes at the mere mention.” In the character of Aslan, Smith finds “words of comfort, acceptance and challenge.” The children in the Chronicles represent our own childlike journeys through dangerous and difficult adventures. This book is likely to resonate deeply with Christian fans of Lewis, especially ones keen on making connections between the Chronicles and the story of Jesus. (May)”

Go to Aslan’s Call by Mark Eddy Smith on to download your copy.