Narnia Goes Disney! – Writing Contest #73

Cue the spontaneous outbursts of song: Narnia has got the Disney bug! What Disney songs will the Narnians suddenly adopt into their everyday routines?

Example: The Sarcastic Marshwiggle by Ariel_of_Narnia
“Hakuna Matata”


Honorable Mentions:

While it was winter… by Aravis
Imagine Mrs. Beaver singing while cooking fish and chips:
“Oh the sky will be blue…and Mr. Beaver will be there too!…
….when I finally see what frozen things do IN SUMMMMMEEER!!”

Shift by Jesus’ Girl 4ever
“I Wanna Be Like You”

by Somebody-or-other
Prince Rabadash: A Girl Worth Fighting For

Mary-Su…san by hobbit_of_narnia
“Someday My Prince Will Come”

Jadis When She Thinks About Her Statues by Albero
“Poor Unfortunate Souls”

by Gypsevedius Lakota Mona Took
Prince Edmund: I Just Can’t WAIT to Be King!

Aslan Creating Narnia by AGB
“Let it Grow!”

Dwarves’ Marching Song by hobbit_of_narnia
Turns out the lyrics to the dwarves’ marching song in “The Last Battle” are:
“Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, It’s home from work we go!” punctuated by whistling.

Susan and Rabadash by Jesus’ Girl 4ever
“Love is an Open Door” (and its aftermath)

Trust in Me, Rilian by Aslanslamb
“Trust in Me” from Jungle Book, sing by the Lady of the Green Kirtle

Cor and Aravis by elanorelle
“Something There”

Jadis by Hiking Peter
As the one hundred year winter begins, Narnians everywhere hear Jadis singing: “Let it go, let it GOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Caspy the Fake by hobbit_of_narnia
“Kiss the Girl”

Pug and Cronies by Jesus’ Girl 4ever
“A Pirate’s Life for Me”

Shasta’s Song by Aslanslamb
“Strangers Like Me” sung by Shasta when he saw the Narnians for the first time in “Horse and His Boy”.

Ginnarbrik’s past…? by Hiking Peter
Ginnabrick sings at her majesty, Jadis’s request: “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts (dee-dalee), there they are all standing in a row! (Ahhh, I never had to do this when Aslan was King…)”
Jadis: “WHAT did you say?!?!”
Ginnabrick: “Nothing…Nothing. *Sigh*”

Oreius Trains the Pevensies by Jesus’ Girl 4ever
“I’ll Make a Man Out of You”


And the winner is:

Lucy by Hiking Peter
As Lucy tries (and is thus far failing) to explain to her siblings about Narnia, she bursts into…”A Whole New World!!!!!”


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