The Eagle and Child to take a new name!

April Fools 2015 (This story was created for April Fools Day and is not true)

By Always Narnian

IMG_1160Remember the small Oxford Pub which the literary group called the Inklings used to frequent? It has just been revealed to the public that due to slow business and lack of interest, the pub is receiving a new name along with a few other renovations.

For those attached to the established name, no need to worry just yet! It has been confirmed that this new name will pay homage to some of the more prominent Inklings: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. The folks at The Eagle and Child are hoping to make the establishment a more memorable landmark instead of just a mere pub. Though it has carried its existing name since around 1684, the owner hopes this change will make the pub more appealing, especially to the fans of Tolkien’s and Lewis’ writings. Imagine visiting this pub, its new sign displaying a name actually associated with the famous authors that once met there!

This news has a few of us here at The Lion’s Call already thinking up ideas of our own as to what the new name might be! Here are some of them:

  • The Wardrobe and the Ring
  • Gwaihir and Eustace
  • The Horse and His Hobbit
  • Farsight and Elanor
  • The Lamp-Post at Bag-End

Comment below on which name you’d like to see used!

For more information about the proposed change, click here.

7 thoughts on “The Eagle and Child to take a new name!

  1. always narnianalways narnian Post author

    Hehehe, I’m fond of that one myself, as well as The Lamp-Post at Bag-End

  2. hobbit_of_narnia

    My favorites, too, are “The Horse and His Hobbit” and “The Lamppost at Bag End”. But “Gwaihir and Elanor” would still allow the Inklings’ nickname for it “The Bird and Baby”. I sort of wish, though, they weren’t changing it at all.

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