Douglas Gresham on The Next Narnia Movie

Here’s some interesting news regarding the next Narnia installment. A few weeks ago, you may remember some rumors going around with claims of David Magee finishing the script of The Silver Chair. The announcement was said to be false by The Chronicles of Narnia official FaceBook page.

However, if you’re getting anxious about some type of news regarding this film, then here is a small glimpse of hope for you. A site by the name of Wordsmith Media shared a short video of Douglas Gresham giving some thoughts on the last three Narnia movies, as well as the direction in which the fourth film of the series is heading.

This video finds Gresham talking about the independent production of this upcoming film. “We’re going to try to do this by ourselves and do it the way we all believe it should be done.”

Douglas also jokes about himself at one point: “The problem is I suppose I’m too much of a Narnia purist. I see any changes as being almost sacrilegious.”

To watch the actual video for yourself, hop on over to the Wordsmith Media website.

Credit goes to Narniaweb for the report.

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