April Fools’ Faux Interview: James McAvvoy Shares Fun Facts About Himself in New Interview

(This post was created for April Fools’ Day 2016. We hope you enjoyed this article anyways.)

In recent interview with FylmTyme.Net Scottish Actor James McAvvoy reveals some interesting facts about himself.

McAvvoy shares that Mr. Tumnus is not actually the first mythological creature he has played. He recalls a Middle School play where he was once a merman—he said it was an embarrassing costume for him at the time.

He goes on to speak of his aspirations when he was younger—he did not always want to be an actor, but, because of the lure of traveling the world, he wanted to be a Roman Catholic Priest and Missionary.

McAvvoy’s talents go beyond acting—he has recently written an autobiography entitled Life Had Its Own Plan which is due for release in early 2017.

Not only does McAvvoy write, but he is also musically inclined, playing the flute and the piano.

Though many of us may claim The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as our favorite movie, James McAvvoy prefers The Goonies.

On a surprising note, Narnia was brought up during the interview by FylmTyme.Net. The actor commented on it briefly, saying he would be interested in reprising the role of Mr. Tumnus one day, though he wasn’t sure if it would be in The Silver Chair and that he has heard no news of the project.

Check out FylmTyme.Net to find out more about this interview.



3 thoughts on “April Fools’ Faux Interview: James McAvvoy Shares Fun Facts About Himself in New Interview

  1. Ajnos GamgeeAjnos Gamgee

    This would have been cool if it was true. I really want to read that autobiography now! I also hope he gets to return if an HHB film is made.

    (ps. I’m not sure Scottish people talk about being in “middle school”)

  2. always narnianalways narnian Post author

    Ajnos—I wondered the same thing about middle school 😉

    The Goonies fact and the Catholic Priest bit are actually true. The rest I made up. Hahaha 🙂

  3. Ajnos GamgeeAjnos Gamgee

    Ooh, that’s cool. I wondered about the Catholic priest bit ’cause I saw on his wiki page he was raised Catholic.

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