What Lucy Found There – Writing Contest #84

When Lucy first visited Mr Tumnus’ house, she noted that he had some curious titles on his bookshelf: The Life and Letters of Silenus, Nymphs and Their Ways, Is Man a Myth?, and others. If she were to read the back covers of these books, what more could she discover about these tomes? What other books might she find on the shelf? Choose or make up a title and write up a brief synopsis!

Example: “Taste of the Sea, for advanced flutists”

Master musician Lyron Ionathus has often attributed his passion for music to the merfolk, whose songs are unique in tone, tempo, and composition, impossible to replicate by land-dwellers. After much study and labour and for the first time ever, the sea comes to the land with Lyron’s transpositions for the double-reeded flute.


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Honorable Mention:

“The Land of Mystery” by AGB
Delve into the Humans’ World with carefully-drawn illustrations of real artifacts found throughout the land of Narnia. Hear commentaries of what Narnian experts speculate the World of Men to be like based on actual archaeological finds and studies. Researched and authored by the famed research expert Melenus the Faun, this riveting collection of accounts will have you turning pages like never before as you dive into the magical and mystical human Land of Mystery.


And the winner is:

“The White War” by Tom Duffy
The true history of the liberation of Narnia by Her Majesty, Jadis. Tells the story of the decadence and gluttony that had been consuming Narnia, how Her Imperial Majesty liberated us from bondage and overthrew our oppressors and freed us to pursue the further beautification of Jadis, Queen of Narnia, Chatelaine of Cair Paravel, Empress of the Lone Islands.

Note: Contents of this book have been vetted and approved by the Secret Police.