Narnialympics 2016: Days 5 & 6

An event so filled with competitors, it took two days to complete! This is Ariel_of_Narnia with Azim Balda Broadcasting here to relate to you the exciting highlights of the swordplay event!

Due to the dragon attack mentioned in my last report, there were a handful of competitors who were ordered by Narnialympic medics to sit on the sidelines this year. Despite this, each nation had plenty of representatives in the event: soldiers, nobles, and even a high number of royals.

As they have in every year of the Narnialympics, the king-brothers of Narnia, High King Peter and King Edmund, entered the event side by side. Both have won medals in tournaments past and were among the favourites of Narnia, along with their General Oreius. Another notable athlete from Narnia was none other than Sir Reepicheep, already winner of two medals this year! To the tune of his chanting fans, Sir Reepicheep performed superbly, but in the end, even his small size and expert acrobatics could not compensate for his inability to parry effectively. General Oreius, on the other end, lacked Sir Reepicheep’s finesse, but made up for it with the brute force a Centaur his size can utilize. King Edmund showed exceptional skill in disarming his opponents with a couple tricks of the hand. The High King Peter has maintained his reputation for being quick on his feet, but was forced to withdraw following an injury in the ring.

High King Peter’s injury occurred during his match with King Miraz of Telmarine Narnia, who proved an imposing presence in the ring, making great use of his size and weight against the majority of his opponents. Surprise at his improved skill has been expressed by many of the onlookers, even from amongst King Miraz’ fellow Telmarines.

This year has also seen another royal join the ranks of sword-wielding contestants: Prince Cor of Archenland. The crown prince did not make himself open to any questions regarding his entry in the tournament. King Lune would only say that he would allow the swordplay speak for itself. Prince Cor’s twin, Prince Corin, proved to be the most informative when he described his brother’s swordplay as “dangerous”. Looking at Prince Cor’s face in the hours leading up to his first round, many took his brother’s words to be an exaggeration, for Prince Cor was the picture of calm. The moment he set foot in the ring, however, his eyes took on a hard light, the only warning apart from Prince Corin’s of the truly dangerous skill that followed.

Two days of duels finally boiled down to the following results: bronze to King Miraz of Telmarine Narnia, silver to Prince Cor of Archenland – the first Archenlander to win a medal this year, and who looks to be a highly-favoured contender next tournament -, and gold to General Oreius of Narnia.

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