6. PC Film: Looking Back

by C.S. Lois

Prince Caspian no longer is playing in our area, but I’ve feel very fortunate to have seen it three times. Every time I saw it I enjoyed it more and more, and noticed something new each time. Most of my fears were put to rest, though some new ones arose. I will focus on those aspects in this article, and save the cheerier parts for my next article, where I will describe parts that made me sqeal in joy. (AKA: The whole movie…:)

-Su/Caspian: Perhaps the most controversial and frightening foreseen event, I was pleased to find that the alleged romance was very watered down, and the kiss at the end was very short. I would have been happier without it, just the same. (Besides, do we really want Caspian pining after Susan when he’s going to get the Star’s daughter in the next movie?)

-Peter’s attitude+Peter/Caspian conflict: After seeing screencaps on the internet of Caspian and Peter sparring in the woods, I feared the worst. Fortunately, that scene was cleared after seeing the movie, but it was replaced by the insulting outburst at the doorway of Aslan’s How, and that was dissapointing to me. “After all,” Peter said, “I’m not here to take your place, but to put you in it.” The High King shouldn’t have a ‘tude! But once I thought about it, it sort of made sense. You can hardly have a past king and a future king get together and not expect some kind of power struggle. Caspian’s more submissive attitude was good to see, but I wanted to see Peter’s acceptance that his time was up, instead of a halfhearted shrugging off of responsibility at the end.

-The White Witch: I was skeptical about a scene depicting the continuation of “Sorcery and Sudden vengeance” but it turned out very well and I was pleased to see that Caspian was out of it until the end. And besides, Edumund was just fantastic! 🙂

-Aslan: I was not happy with his lack of screen time; I think the children should have relied on him more. However, it wasn’t like there was a gaping, smoking hole where Aslan should have been, so it wasn’t too bad.

-Caspian’s hair: Perhaps my biggest fear, it turned out that I really did have something to worry about. It was far too abundant, and it looked freshly styled and sprayed, instead of battle-worn. And his coronation! Oh, that was just adding insult to injury. It was nearly as bad as the grown Peter’s hair at the end of LWW, but not quite. At least it didn’t have highlights and it wasn’t feathered…too much.*

So concludes this article, and I’ve found that I didn’t have much to complain about. Other than obvious things like plot changes (which I won’t even talk about, because there were too many and I’m trying to seperate the book from the film) there was hardly anything else, so I guess I can give this film….oh….lets say six out of five stars…*winks*

*Am I obsessed with hair in movies? Yes, I am. If someones’ hair isn’t right I freak out and I can’t concentrate. Sad, but true. 😛

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