Campaign Slogans – Writing Contest #1

“Assignment #1: Campaign Slogans”
What would happen if Narnia held open elections? Write a campaign slogan for a character from the books.

Example: A marshwiggle in every pot:  Vote Harfang.

Honorable Mentions

Contribution by Casey
Make your future glummer: Vote Puddleglum.

Puddleglum’s Campaign Slogan by F.A. Fabian
Free Red Hot Coal Foot Spa for all!
Marsh Urbanization Project! PETM(People for the Ethical Treatment of Marsh-Wiggles) to be established!Ban emerald dresses!
Attend The “Rock The Marshes” Rally! Early wiggles receive copy of latest book, “Wet Blankets.”

Marshwiggles by Casey
Vote #1 Puddleglum – where the fun will never start!

and the winner

Stop getting short-changed! by Elana
Short on victuals?
Eyes are sunken?
Won’t be shortly:
Vote for Trumpkin!