Narnian Book Blurbs – Writing Contest #66

It’s NaNoWriMo and the Narnians are busy. What summaries might you find buried amongst their writings this year?

Example: (by Ariel_of_Narnia)
I Spy: A Slave’s Tale
“I admired her really, my mistress’ stepdaughter. Great was my joy when I was assigned to serve Aravis Tarkeena, but the sun grew dark in my eyes when I learned my mistress cared not for her stepdaughter, but for her destruction… through me.”
Torn between duty and loyalty, slave girl Phoebi relates her account of her struggles in the house of Kidrash Tarkaan in this eye-opening autobiography.

Don’t forget to take at the look winners for the last contest!

Honorable Mentions:

Tom Duffy’s Thunder by the Pool by Moonwood the Hare
Here is the tell all book of all time. Read the secret journal of Moonwood the Hare and find out what he heard while stitting next to Caldron Pool. Be amazed to read of the treasonous deals at Cair Paravel that were made to enable the White Witch to take over Narnia. Find out what Dwarven women say when their men are not around. Learn which Oak Tree was having a relationship with which Faun. See actual happy thoughts uttered by Marsh-wiggles when they think no one else is around. Not available as an audio book.

Tom Duffy’s Dem Fine Woman
The story of an elder gentleman who finds an out-of-this-world woman.

narniagirl11’s The Tales of Peter the (Not So) Magnificent
“Brother. Definition: Idiot. Blockhead. Annoyance. Pain. Pushover. Yes, that just about sums up everything that my brother Peter has ever done or tried to do.”

King Edmund the Just spills out stories from his childhood and younger years about how he managed to survive his royal brother, Peter who does not deserve his title of Magnificent.


And the winner!

narniagirl11’s Two Beasts
“I was a beast when I was a boy. I was a brat and I was truly a beast in physical form as well. I was a dragon.”

Eustace Clarence Scrubb explains why he deserved his name as well as expands upon his experience as a beastly little boy and fire-breathing dragon