Pay Ye Heed, All Ye Writers! (and Non-Writers)

*rides in on her white horse*

I hereby am please to inform the Writers of TLC of a special event to transpire the 16th of November, at noon (Pacific time) in Writer’s Chat. Coffee and cake is unfortunately not able to be provided at this time, so plan on bringing your own snacks.

Along with the usual sharing of writing that we do, there are some special activities planned in honor of this month being NaNoWriMo. We have word wars planned and more, plus a special guest presenter! We’d like to encourage everyone who can to come join in our fun! NaNoers, non-writers, non-NaNoers — you’re all welcome to join in on the fun.

If you wish to share, please come knowing what you want to share or brainstormed, because we will be trying to move things along so it won’t last too long. Although we encourage everyone to stick around as long as possible, if you can’t be on time to Writer’s or can’t stay the entire time, don’t worry, we still want you there!

So save the date! We hope to see you this Saturday!

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