The Mark Gordon Company to Become Independent Studio with Entertainment One

By Always Narnian

As many of you Narnia fans know, Mark Gordon of The Mark Gordon Company (associated with films such as Saving Private Ryan and television shows like Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy) was appointed as one of the producers of the planned The Silver Chair film. Though no further news on The Silver Chair has been revealed in past months, it was just recently announced that The Mark Gordon Company is breaking from ABC Studios (with whom they have been working until now), seeking a new route. The Mark Gordon Company is joining with Entertainment One (eOne) to create an independent studio of which Mark Gordon will be the Chief Executive Officer. The Mark Gordon Company is working now out of Los Angeles and will continue to do so.

Gordon says of the project: “We had a great run at ABC, they have been great partners. Part of the difference is that we are becoming a studio as opposed to being just producers. In order to realize the true value of our content, retention of rights ownership and control of international distribution are musts. In eOne, we have found partners that share our vision of supporting the creators and are immersed in the international marketplace with great ambitions to expand in the U.S. Together, we are building an alternative to the traditional studio way.”

For the present, we are unsure what this will mean for Narnia and The Silver Chair, but the creation of an actual film studio sounds like positive news.  What are your thoughts? Does an independent studio sound like a good turn for The Silver Chair?

To read the full article on the original announcement, visit Deadline. Credit to Narnia Web for first picking up on this news. (Caution is advised in following outgoing links)