Director Joe Johnston’s Narnia Plans for 2018

After a time of silence on the Narnia front, Director Joe Johnston has released some plans at recent Paris Comic Con for the newest Narnia Film. In the video, he references The Silver Chair as being the darkest book of the Narnia series, and how they plan to begin filming sometime in late 2018. As far as keeping true to the precursors of this film, Johnston says he is hoping to create a whole new feeling and look for this Narnia Adaptation. One returning element, however, is the landscape of New Zealand, as he confirms they will be shooting on the South Island in 2018.

To view the video footage, head on over to Narniaweb.

(Credit due to Narniaweb for reporting this news)

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2 thoughts on “Director Joe Johnston’s Narnia Plans for 2018

  1. hobbit_of_narniahobbit_of_narnia

    “The darkest book”? Hmm…I personally would have given that label to Last Battle, though I can see why it could apply to Silver Chair.
    All that aside, though, I’m very excited. It feels like forever I’ve been waiting for this movie. 😀

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