Caption Contest 5 – Waterlogged Witch

Winning Entries:

I wish to show you that I’ve changed! See! I’m in a music video with the Goblin King! Wait! Don’t leave! I’m not lying! ~NarnianJet

“This is… so addicting. I can’t stop. This invention of another world must forever be mine. I must conquer it once and for all. This is just under Aslan for worst-enemy-you-can-ever-face. All of those little pigs… they’ll never survive the onslaught of my angry birds!” ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

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2 thoughts on “Caption Contest 5 – Waterlogged Witch

  1. lilliandilLilliandil

    It’s a shame I didn’t find this site sooner…I could have won this contest. My caption would have been “Hurry up and give me that drop of blood! My hand is freezing!”

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