Caption Contest 10 – Don’t Blink

Winning Entries:

This is a warning. If you value your life, never. Ever. In a million years. Give Lucy a stuffed Justin Beiber toy. ~ Ariel_of_Narnia


Peter: she was a fanfiction writer. Edmund: a self-insert, Mary-Sue writer. Peter: we had to cut her down for the good of Narnia. ~ Spock


Lucy: What…What is it? Peter: I’m not really sure. Looks like some kind of…Beardless dwarf. Edmund: Wait–I think it’s a hobbit! ~gwainesfriend


Edmund: Peter, I think that was Susan and not a Mary Sue. Peter: But she was spouting nonsense and wearing make-up and nylons. Why would she want to marry Caspian anyway? ~ Tom Duffy


Ed-“um……Peter which way are we really supposed be looking?” Peter-“it doesn’t matter, just make it look dramatic.” ~ Aim


Lucy: *running to the boys* Save me!!!!!!!!!! Edmund: What’s wrong? Lucy: The Stu’s are after me. And they’re beiing led by………. Caspy the Fake! Peter: Don’t worry, Lucy. We’ll protect you! ~jesus’girl4ever


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