Caption Contest 11 – Somewhere in the Distance

Winning Entries:

Edmund: Lucy, why do you keep looking back? Lucy: Are you sure we are not being followed?  Edmund: Like I said, it would be utterly inconceivable. Caspian: I think I’m the wrong character in this scene. ~ White fox


Lucy: I spy with my little eye something that is white! Reepicheep: The clouds? Your shirt? The flowers? The flag? Edmund to Caspian: This game is getting /very/ annoying. Can’t Lucy think of anything else to keep Reep occupied? Caspian: They’ve been playing this since we left the Lone Islands! Reep: I know! It’s my teeth, isn’t it? They’re white as can be since I switched to Tumnus Toothpaste! Caspian: Good grief. ~ narniagirl11


Caspian: What IS that? Is it sorcery? Should we destroy it? Edmund: I am feeling very uncomfortable. Eustace: If I can’t see it, it can’t see me. Lucy: That’s my Ryan Gosling board on pinterest! ~ Tangerine McLard


Lucy: Is that McDonalds? Ed: In Narnia seriously? Caspian: You want to go through the boat-through? We have time. I don’t see Aslan yet. Reep: I want a thing of medium french fries! Eustace: When I was a dragon I could have made my own fries… ~ Crystal Coramir


Lucy: “He’s still watching.” Caspian: ” What possessed you to pull Alsan’s tail like that?” Eustace: “I don’t know, I didn’t think that..” Edmund, interrupting: “That’s right, you didn’t think. You never think.” Reepicheek: “Now I will never get to Aslan’s Country.” ~ Tom Duffy


Eustace: Psst! So how come King Caspian is tagging along? Lucy (whispers back): He needed to get in shape for the Royal Rowers Regatta… ~ Benisse


“Hey, Bob! Come and look at what I found!” Bob pulls his hood well over his face to protect his skin from the cold Artic winds: “what? ” (Jeff) “I’ve been ice picking for over an hour and I uncovered what appears to be Two Kings, a Queen, and a someone else frozen in time. They’re so well preserved too! A pity that they didn’t bring more furs for there journey to the North Pole. ~ Jon


Reepicheep (singing): Where the sky and water meet, where the waves grow ever sweet, doubt not Reepicheep, for there lies the utter east. Where the sky and water meet, where the waves grow ever sweet… Caspian: Reepicheep…WILL YOU PLEASE STOP SINGING THAT SONG?! Reepicheep (looks surprised): What’s the matter? Don’t you like it? Edmund: After the ninety fourth time, Reep, it kind of gets to you. ~ Narnia12


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      Thanks narniagirl11 – I was having a few technical difficulties, but I’ve got it sorted out now, and everything should be in working order. Caption away!

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