Dear Father Christmas – Writing Contest #56

Christmas time is just around the corner! Write a Narnian letter for Father Christmas.

Example: Frogs by Eowyn of Narnia

Dear Father Christmas,

Another year has come and gone in this wonderful land of Narnia. I am looking forward to it, and I hope you are well. I’ve been rather good this year, I think. If Lucy writes you and tells you that I stuck a frog in her bed, do NOT believe her. I don’t know how it got there, but it wasn’t me. It was funny though.
This year, I would like a new sword and a chess set. And if it’s alright, I’d like a case of non-enchanted Turkish Delight. And maybe some frogs…
Yours Truly,
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Honorable Mentions:
Lasaraleen’s Lovely Letter by Albero:
Dear Father Christmas,
Well, for starters, I’d like more lipstick. Make it redder this time. Last year it was much too dull of a color.
Also, I need a new dress. That silly girl Aravis sat on my dress and got dirt on it! And it was brand new, too! I need this new dress to be silk, preferably purple with golden embroidery all around the hem of the skirt, the neckhole, and the sleeves. I need a matching veil, as well.
I ALWAYS need perfume! Right now, I need some perfume that smells like roses, some that smells like tiger-lilies (NOT normal lilies, mind you!), and some that has the strongest smell you can find!
Well, I think that should suffice! If I need anything else, I’ll send another letter.
Lasaraleen Tarkheena
P.S. Do you have a newsletter all about clothes and parties and gossip? I’m so interested in that kind of stuff!
by Jesus’ girl 4ever:
Dear Father Christmas,
How has your year been? Thank you ever so much for the books you brought me last year! I’ve enjoyed them very much.
This year, I would like a new dagger (my other one broke a few weeks ago) and perhaps, if it isn’t too much trouble, a new dress. Gold would be a nice color.
And the winner!
Puddleglum’s Letter by gwainesfriend:
Dear Father Christmas (Even though I’ll probably never meet you),
How have you been? I would guess that the answer is a sad one: you’ve probably been ill, and the roof to your house has caved in.
I don’t even know why I am writing this letter, since I am just a poor marshwiggle who doesn’t deserve anything but a pot of scorched soup. You probably won’t even get this letter…The weather will get it lost in the mail…
If you do get this (Which I sincerely doubt), I would like a new cast iron skillet for my kitchen. I doubt you’ll be able to find one, wince I don’t even deserve it. Don’t even bother trying to get one.
All the very best (You’ll probably get the worst anyway),