Caption Contest 20 – Yes, Mrs. Beaver, I Quite Agree

Winning Entries:

Mrs. Beaver: “…and we also have a tunnel in the back room that leads all the way to Mr. Tumnus’ house!” Mr. Beaver: “You told me it lead to your mom’s…” ~ Aravis

Do you think Chef Ramsey will like my fish and chips? ~ Violamom

Mrs. Beaver (to lucy): Would you like some roasted fish in fish sauce slathered in fish concentrate, drizzled with fish oil? Mr. Beaver: Something smells fishy. ~ AGB

Peter: “Um… I hate to bother you… But which one of you is Mr Beaver again?” ~ The Rider

The awkward moment when Mr. Beaver notices that Mrs. Beaver leaves a dummy at home so she can sneak off and spend time with her friends too. ~ Ariel of Narnia

Mrs Beaver: Oh, Mr Beaver, do stop holding your hand like you’re about to chuck up a pearl! Mr Beaver: But -*coughs violently* Ah, there it is! The pearl I swallowed! Mrs Beaver: *faints* ~ Lilliandil

Now, now, Mr. Beaver, the kids don’t need to heard THAT story. ~ Tom Duffy

“We need to bring jam, and the sewing machine! Why would we need a map, dear?” asked Mrs Beaver. ~ Luna

Mrs. Beaver- Oh, yes, Mr. Beaver, I remember…it was a *lovely* holiday! Sunshine, warm sands, ocean waves…(laughs) and there was that *one* dinner… Mr.Beaver- I don’t think these children are interested in the travels of us old folk… Mrs. Beaver- When you spill fish down your best suit. And when you went back to our room to change you didn’t have another suit!! (laughs) Mr. Beaver- I didn’t have room since you insisted on packing the JAM!!! ~Q.Susan_of_the_Horn

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