Caption Contest 23 – Listen My Children and You Shall Hear

Winning Entries:

 Lucy: (thinking) Mmmm, those herbs look nice… Peter: (thinking) MUST listen to story!! Susan: (thinking) ………….. ~ Sir Edward

Lucy: *rolls eyes* Mr Beaver, do you have any interesting stories to tell? ‘Cause if not, I think we’re supposed to be escaping from the wolves that are trying to kill us. ~ Shadowland Huntress

Peter: Does anyone else here think it’s odd that we’re in a foreign country, talking to an oversized beaver? No? Okay, I’ll just be quiet then. ~ Penny

Susan, will (pound) you (pound) listen (pound) to me. Stop it with the logic. Nothing is logical anymore. You are in a world of Talking Animals. ~ Tom Duffy

“… and in one bite, he swallowed it whole. I saw the look on his face: I was delicious. He must have passed the word, for it wasn’t a month before another one took my leg.” ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Lucy (Thinking): “That’s not fair! I’m the youngest and the others always do better because of it!” Peter (Thinking): “He MUST be pulling our legs!” Susan (Thinking): “I guess it figures. After all, this has been a very strange world so far.” Mr. Beaver: “…and that’s why it’s required that the monarchs compete against each other in an annual sack race!” ~ Luthien

“So, a fox, a beaver and a lion walk into a bar…” ~ Violamom

Mr. Beaver “So there I was a lonely beaver, surrounded by wolfs, so I-” Lucy “Mr. Beaver? Isn’t it supposed to be ‘wolves’ instead of ‘wolfs’?” ~ moonhuntress

Mrs. Beaver (not shown): …and I never saw that fish again! *everyone laughs* Lucy: I love fishing. It’s so much fun. ~ AGB

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