Caption Contest 24 – M-M-M-MOUSE!!!

Winning Entries:

Since Eustace has turned into a dragon and is no longer able to play chess (since the nerves of a dragon’s hands were never meant for delicate movements like that) he and Reepicheep have had to stick with staring contests. ~ hobbit_of_narnia

Eustace and reep engage in an intense staring contest… and as you can see reep has the advantage… as Eustace is cross eyed and cannot hold his eyes like that very long.                  ~ Geek4Narnia

Reep: “Believe it or not, this is extremely comfortable. I might just… fall asleep… right here….” ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Reepicheep tries to teach Eustace how to cross his eyes. ~ Sir-William

Reepichep successfully tries out his new hobby on Eaustace: hypnosis. ~ AGB

This mouse is getting in my way!!! Someone!!!! Get it off!!!!!!! I’m going to craaaaaaaaassssssshhhhhhhhhhh….. *crash* (muffled) see? ~ Lady Ariana

Reep: Now hold still Im just trying to help you!
Eustace: GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!!!!!!!! ~ Katye

Caspian: Reep… I thought I told you not to attempt single combat with it!
Reep: ……. ~ Jaygee


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