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Caption Contest 29 – Christmas in July

Winning Entries:

Hello, Father Christmas here. I have come to remind you that Winter is coming. Cheers!          ~ aslie

“Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Gandalf.”
Pevensie children: *blank stares*    ~ Mrs. Beaver

Mrs. Beaver: “Oh thank you for the sewing machine, Father Christmas!! Are you sure you don’t want me to mend the holes in your sleeves?”
Father Christmas: “Ah, no thank you! They are meant to be that way….unlike Caspian’s hair (ahem).    ~ Cheeseacheep

Father Christmas: You mean to tell me that I went all this way and it wasn’t even the North Pole I’ve gone to, but some place called “Narnia?” Rudolph might kill me for this… it’s supposed to be his day off…    ~ Albero

Father Christmas: “*sigh* Does anybody set out anything besides milk and cookies?”              ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Father Christmas: Father Christmas? Me? I’m not Father Christmas, children. I’m simply an old grandfather who seriously needs a shave and a haircut out for a morning drive with my magical reindeer and sleigh with an enormous bag of toys and dangerous weapons! 
Pevensie children: *stunned silence *
Father Christmas: Of COURSE I’m Father Christmas!     ~ AGB

*Man steps out of sleigh in a huff* “The things we FedEx people have to go to to deliver packages!” He shakes his head. “I had to travel all the way to this old professor’s house and then squeeze through a wardrobe to get here! Then was that the end? Oh, no, then I had to pay an hourly fee for this good-for-nothing sleigh, navigate with some of the most rudimentary maps around, and then only to find that the recipients of this package were fugitives. Running away from me about as fast as I was trying to catch up with them! And boy is it cold out here! I wish that this winter would just suddenly turn to spring… that would ever happen.”   ~ Sir-William

Sorry, folks. I’m fresh out of tools. But if you’re looking for toys…    ~ Alier

Lucy: Look! It’s Father Christmas! Father Christmas: *approaches and hands out life preservers* “The time to use these may be near at hand.”    ~ Sir-Edward


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New Lewis and Tolkien Biopic Announced! – And “Jack and Tollers” Update

Last week, news was released about a new biopic focusing on the friendship between C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, entitled Tolkien and Lewis. The film, produced by Attractive Films and directed by Simon West, will be directed towards a faith-based audience and is aiming for an Easter 2015 release.

This newly announced film is not the same as the previously announced biopic Jack and Tollers, produced by Third Dart Studios. Chris Dodge, executive producer for Jack and Tollers has updated us on the most recent news surrounding his film:

Rights for Colin Duriez’s book The Gift of Friendship (published by Paulist Press), which tells the story of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, have been secured by the Jack and Tollers film-makers to be used as source material. Multiple Emmy Award winning writer/producer Erik Bork is working as a script consultant and ten-time Emmy Award winning composer Bruce Broughton will be doing the musical score (he has also worked on Alone yet not Alone that was nominated for an Oscar last year). Third Dart Studios are also in very early talks with Tom Hanks about directing the film. The studio is planning on a Fall 2014 principle shoot in Ireland and the UK and a cinematic release in Fall 2015.

For more information on Lewis and Tolkien, visit the Attractive Films site.

For more information on Jack and Tollers, visit Third Dart’s website and Facebook page 

Please tell us what you think by commenting below!

Caption Contest 28 – Fabulous Peter Is Fabulous

Winning Entries:

Adamson: Good, William, now freeze! Ho-o-o-old…keep that position…good…good…hoo-o-o-o-o-o-old…
~ hobbit_of_narnia
Peter: *singing* Now I gotta cut loose! Footloose!
Kick off your Sunday–
Random evil soldier: Ahhh!!! My ears!!! Someone kill me before I must endure more of this singing!!!
~ Albero

Whose idea was it to have a log rolling contest?
~ Tom Duffy

That’s MY macaroni and cheese!!
~ Mrs. Beaver

“woah horsey!” says King Peter.
The horse bucks him high into the air.
On the sidelines King Edmund whispers to Mr. Tumnus, ” What a strange custom these Calormens have.”
Tumnus replies, “well, what happenes in Calormen country, stays in Calormen country.”
~ TarinaRitari

Peter, being under so much stress, tries his best Elsa impersonation. “Let it go, let it go! Can’t hold it back *grunt* anyMORE!”
~ Cheeseacheep


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Ways the Movies Improved upon the Books

Disclaimer! This article contains spoilers for both the Narnia books and films

Most people have some complaints about the various Narnia films that have come out over the years. More often than not, their problem with the films is not casting, effects, or technicalities, but rather with the way the movies deviate from the books. However, a handful (a very small handful, mind you) of these deviations might be considered as fit to be included in the Chronicles of Narnia books, if not improvements on them. Examples of some of these scenes are Aslan’s Resurrection (Animated LWW), The “Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance” scene (Walden PC), Edmund’s torch use (Walden PC/VDT), certain scenes with Reepicheep (Walden PC/VDT) and the Painting (Walden VDT).

One aspect of the Animated The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe that would have worked well in the book was the white flowers that grew up under Aslan’s feet after his resurrection. Lewis was a reader of mythology and often took inspiration from the stories. In Welsh mythology, there is a tale told of a woman who had white clovers sprout where she walked. [1] Because of Lewis’s interests in mythology, this scene at the Stone Table seems like something Lewis would have written. In fact, this movie addition has been known to fool people into believing that was actually in the books.

In “Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance”, a chapter in Prince Caspian, Nikabrik and his evil friends attempt to bring back the White Witch. The Walden Prince Caspian film takes that just a little bit further and actually has the magic almost completed before the Pevensies come in and save the day. That extension would not have worked in the book because Edmund, Peter, and Trumpkin were standing around the corner and would not have let sorcery go that far. However, because we did not know where Peter and Edmund were in the film, it worked well enough that the witch was nearly brought back to life. (But seriously, Caspian, why’d you stand in the circle? You’re an idiot.) If, in the book, we hadn’t seen Edmund and Peter and Trumpkin listening from the corner, and just knew they were on their way, the movie scene could indeed have worked well in the book.

Another well-done aspect from the movies that could have (in parts) worked in the books was the use of Edmund’s torch in Prince Caspian (Walden) and again in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Walden). While I do not condone the night raid scene of PC, it did make sense that in other situations Edmund could have used his torch for signalling troops, and also for a weapon (Electric torches! Who knew, right?!). In VDT, I thought it was a nice touch that among the items we associate with the royals (Lucy’s cordial, Peter’s sword, and Susan’s bow and horn) was Edmund’s torch. Also, (although the batteries would not have still worked in our world, in Narnia, where the air seems to have a different affect on things, it might have still worked) it came in handy during the exploration of the different islands.

Then there’s Reepicheep. The way Lucy healed Reepicheep in Walden’s Prince Caspian worked more efficiently than the way she healed him in the book. In the book, she has to put a single drop of cordial on all of his wounds, whereas in the film, she puts a single drop in his mouth, which is more efficient. Another thing about Reepicheep that might have been nice in the books was his protectiveness of his tail in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Walden.) Aslan did give him that tail, and I could see that Reepicheep would be against his tail being touched.

Finally, in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Walden), one thing that would have improved upon the book was how the movie took the children to Narnia. I have personally always been unsatisfied with the scene in the books, as I wasn’t exactly sure how the children got onto the painting, and whether they shrank to fit, or the picture grew. It left a bit to be desired for me. In contrast, I appreciated the way they had water flood the room and had the children swim upwards out of the room into Narnia. This scene was another that would’ve worked very well in the books.

Do you have a movie scene that you think would have worked in the Chronicles of Narnia books? Comment down below!

[1] Wild Flower Europe: “British & Irish Myths”. (see Clover)

Naming the Lady of the Green Kirtle: Enter the Contest!

Here’s some exciting news for all of you creative fans out there! The Official Narnia website has just announced that they are holding a contest for anyone to submit name suggestions for The Lady of the Green Kirtle, the villain of the upcoming film The Silver Chair. The winning name will be chosen by Mark Gordon, David Magee, and Douglas Gresham. 

Check out the website for the official rules and start thinking creatively!