Caption Contest 30 – Seeing Double

Winning Entries:

“Wait, is that me….made out of flowers?”   ~ narnialove

Cherry Dryad: “Go out the window, down the street, and left at Mr Slushie. That’ll take you to the freeway. You’re gonna see a pitbull on a tractor – just keep going. Once you hit Rivendell, go left toward Mordor. Got that? Okay. Then angle yourself toward the double peaks of Mt Pire. When you come to a trench, go through it, not over it. Then follow the Yellow Brick Road-“
Lucy: “Yeah, okay, thank you, but I think I’m just going to follow Peter and Susan….”                 ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Lucy: “I see dead people…” Dryad: “I’m not dead, I’ma dryad.” Lucy: “I see tree people…”       ~ 1aslanfan

Lucy stands awestruck as the dryad teaches her to catch a baseball dryad-style.   ~ Albero

Mirrors in Narnia sure are weird.   ~ Tom Duffy

Narnia Ophthalmology: Counting Dryad petals from increasing distances.   ~ Hiking Peter 

Dryads: We come from a distant galaxy. We mean your planet no harm. Take us to your leader.
Lucy: …?    ~ hobbit_of_narnia

It’s worrying enough when you’re in a barren desert, hot and thirsty and you see a flowery person come from a flowery bush; but when you add grass, trees, and a lovely pond to the picture, you panic.   ~ Sir-William

Lucy: Whoaaaaaa…Science.   ~ Alier



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  1. Tenethia BrandybuckTenny-Boo

    Berry, I’d have to agree, but I’m gonna add on that you and Ariel to that “List of Totally Awesome Hilarious People” 😉 *dies laughing over Ariel’s super-crossover*

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