Caption Contest 15 – Wrong Hills, Edmund

Edmund: “Can I have more Turkish Delight?” Jadis: “No, no, you should go home.” Edmund: “But I don’t know the way.” Jadis: “Just follow that lamppost; it’ll lead you back to your world. By the way, do you know how that lamppost got there? Back when this world was just beginning, everything grew. I had thrown a bar of iron and it grew into that very lamppost.” Edmund: “… So if I had been there back then… I could have planted a Turkish Delight tree?” Jadis: *facepalm* ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Jadis: Now, if you look past those trees, south of us, you can just see an AMAZING view of the mountains that separate us from Archenland. See? Right there, on the horizon. Edmund: I see a castle. Jadis: No, no, no! You’re looking east! You’re supposed to look SOUTH! Edmund: Now I see a really pretty tree! Jadis: You’re looking west! Edmund: But… all I see is a cave that a little goaty thing is coming out of. Jadis: LOOK IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!!! Edmund: I see it now! Boy, I think that a whole bunch of mountains is a really boring view! Jadis: *facepalm*  ~ Albero

Edmund: Wait, how /do/ I get home from here? White Witch: I don’t know! You said that you remembered! Edmund: Well, I did. But I forgot it now. All that talk of Turkish Delight. Can I have some more. White Witch: NO!!! ~ narniagirl11

Edmund: Do you mean those hills over there? The ones made out of chocolate? WW: No, no, no. Not those ones. Those ones *points*. The ones made out of Turkish Delight. ~ Lilliandil

The witch teaches Edmund how to use the force. ~ J and B

Don’t you dare say this is a wig, or I will freeze your brains, permanently! ~ Shasta

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