Caption Contest 14 – To All My Adoring Fans, Hello

Ben: Quick, everyone hold hands!  Anna: I’m not holding *your* hand!  Georgie: Somebody’s taking a picture, you know…  Will: What, Georgie? ~ anonymous Narnian

Susan: “Edmund is going to be so mad when he gets here and discovers who we had stand in for him.” Peter: “Well, it’s his fault he was late.” Lucy: “Stop talking about it. Andrew told us to make sure nobody noticed.” Caspian: “Thank you, thank you, adoring fans. I am Edmund of the Golden Age. Cheer for me!” ~ Luthien

Ben: yeah, yeah, I know…. I’m just so awesome you can’t handle it! Thank you so much darling fans for your unending love-  Georgie: Ben, can you like stop messing with my hand, it’s awkward…..  Ben: and I will sign all of you book covers and movie cases, and you can have all the photos graphs you want and-  William: he just never stops does he?  Ben: I am just overwhelmed by your love and support and have been so delighted by the reactions to my latest movie I want to tell all of you that-  Anna: don’t worry, I’ve got the duct tape! 
Ben: I love all of you so much and- *duct tape slapped over mouth* moophf umg bofteh grassstf rahgted blaagdhs!!! ~ Lucy Tess

Crazy guy sitting in a chair. Is anyone else thinking of what’s going to happen in 70 Narnian years? ~ Ariel_of_Narnia

Ben: *singing* I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying AYO!  Georgie: Oh, Ben! For Pete’s sake, stop dancing in a photo-shoot! *attempts to pull Ben’s hand down* ~ Lilliandil

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